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憋七茶馆 spade7 Description
Spade7 is one of the most popular card game in Northern China. The game rule is simple, but a pretty fun game though. No matter a primary school student or a card game expert, even professional bridge masters are addicted to the spade7.
Four players play 52 cards (no jokers). Shuffle and deal all cards in anti-clockwise order then start game. In each suit of cards - spades, hearts, diamonds and clubs - all plays starting from 7, then the touching cards are valid to be discarded. If you don't have any valid card available in your turn, you have to fold a card which becomes to your negative score on its face value. After all cards are played ( either discarded or folded), the round is over to check out. The player who has the least negative score or even 0 wins the hand. The detail game rules, instructions and tips are in the game 'help'.
The reason that spade7 has millions of fans, is not only coming from the fun, but in practicing one's brain as well. Player tries to fold less to win the game. However not in every round you are able to discard all in your hand. In this situation, how and when, to fold which card are definitely states of the art. At the meantime you go, you want to force your opponents to fold as many big cards as possible. To release them or not to release, that is a question. In other word, timing is the most important strategy in the Spade7.
To help iphone/ipod touch smaller screen users, there're functions that tapping cards in your hand, 3 of them will be enlarged; the card in the middle(if valid) is the one selected; also when a card selected to go, it shows the key 'discard/fold' and 'cancel' to double check avoiding any finger mistake.
Our spade7 supports Bluetooth, wifi connection, as well as Apple 'game center' online for multi players' game (iOS4.1 or above). Please see 'help' for detail instructions. Single player can offline competes with computer AI players too. Be aware that the AI players have strong calculating and decision skills, be armed to teeth fighting you. But I trust you'll be the winner with good strategy as well as a little luck. Have fun!
之所以‘憋7 ’拥有自己的一众粉丝,不仅是靠娱乐性,还表现在了它的益智特点。想获胜要最后尽量少扣牌乃至不扣牌,但不可能每把手中的牌都是恰好适合走完的。在这种情况下,如何扣牌和什么时机扣哪张牌就是一种艺术。在尽量走自己的牌的同时,如何最大化地挡住对手的牌;还有何时该挡何时该放,都是非常重要的战略战术。因此学会‘憋7’游戏只要2分钟,但是想玩得好,赢得久就是技巧和运气结合的过程了。
为帮助iphone和ipod touch小屏幕玩家,我们加入了局部放大牌面的功能。手指点到牌面之处的三张牌均会放大。选择想出的牌后会有‘出牌’和‘取消’键确认,尽量减少玩家错看误出的机会。
本游戏既支持蓝牙或wifi无线内网联机;以及苹果‘游戏中心’内的网络多人对战(iOS4.1或以上)游戏帮助中有详细操作步骤;也可以单个玩家离线人机对战。它和‘麻将茶馆’‘连升茶馆’一样,秉承了pharose系列益智游戏强大的人工智能。没有点战略战术加好运,可很难赢电脑哦 :-)
憋七茶馆 spade7 2.7 Update
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