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16 Description
It is a puzzle game using the design of fashion these days.
It becomes only a game which is made simply for nothing and which touches a screen.
Since it is a simple game which can enjoy invigoration fully, please make the head empty and enjoy it.
Since you can emulate each other in the point of a game, please contribute to SNS(s), such as Twitter and FaceBook, rapidly, compete with a friend, a family and a sweetheart, and a mother-in-law, and further harden mutual bonds.
Moreover, please gain much point and do your best aiming at the world's No.1.

Please touch the panel from the number of 1 to the number of 16 in order.
The point which can be gained changes with timing which touches a button.
Let's aim at not the earliness to touch but a high score.

It is a simple invigorating game.
It competes not by the earliness which touches all the numbers to 1-16 but by score.
It says once again.
It competes not by earliness but by score.
Since the ranking of the score which he gained is displayed after the end of a game, please do your best aiming at the world's No.1
Since there is a SNS contribution function, let's contribute to SNS(s), such as Twitter, FaceBook and Google+, and spread to a surrounding friend!!

[The talk here]
A tiger, a lion, and a gorilla monkey can be seen in a zoo.
Even if it is living usually, the animal which can rarely be seen can be seen in a zoo.
However, can a dog, a cat, a pigeon, and a crow be seen in a zoo?? It cannot see.
Although neither a dog nor a cat is in a zoo, it is in a pet shop.
A swan and a panda are also in a zoo.
There are a ham, a sausage, an egg, milk, yogurt, a battery, and orange juice in a refrigerator, and there are also ice cream, ice, and frozen food in a freezer.
Where is a number?
A number is in an everyday life at various places.
It is also in a newspaper, television, and a mobile phone.
It is a time which a number is written to the answer to which it comes on the contrary, and a student is managed numerically, and is numerically expressed in its results.
The school which wants to go has to be able to take mark.
Also while doing some shopping, see the price of the carrot, the potato and milk of supper, or cheese, or also when you buy clothes, the size of a shirt or trousers is seen, or size is measured, and it is living with the number.
Even if he is walking along outside, the life in which we the human beings cannot escape from a number there being a clock or a road sign being is passed, and it is.
And it cares about the number.
if it is the direction which cares about the weight "how much the price of this boiled rice is" when delicious boiled rice is eaten -- "what kcal is this boiled rice"?
"These how many cakes may I eat??"
"A strawberry remains. How many strawberries are there??"
"How much is the length of a banana??"
It cares about the number also during the game of baseball also during the game of football.
"If a hit is hit here, how much is the batting average?"
"How many kilometers is the speed of that ball??"
[ "how much advantages-and-disadvantages point lead is required to pass a group league" and / "how much distance is from here to the goal" ]??
That's right, we love a number.
It cannot make a living, if there is no number.
How or I would appreciate your favor [ application / that carried out creation stripes only for those who like such a number / this ].
giving explanation at least this -- now, let's begin a game!!
16 1.0 Update
2014-07-26 Version History
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Gen Shinozaki
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