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101 Tips and Tactics for Word Streak

101 Tips and Tactics for Word Streak

Christopher Westra

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101 Tips and Tactics for Word Streak Description
I LOVE Word Streak by Zynga, and you will love it even more when you use these 101 Tips and Tactics. You’ll have more FUN because we enjoy what we are good at, and YOU will be good.

In the 101 Tips you’ll get 24 General Tips and Tactics, 13 Letter Strategies, 11 Word Strategies, 10 Fun Hints and ways of playing, 8 Tournament Tips, 4 Power Up Strategies, 11 Environmental and Health Tips, and 20 Reverse Word Tactics. I enjoyed writing these up for you.

Who am I to teach you Tips and Tactics?

Here are my current stats for Word Streak: For dual matches - 799 games played, and 460 games won. My highest scoring game is 4126, and my average score is 2134. My longest winning streak is 19 games. My fastest words per minute is 68 words per minute, and my average words per minute is 32.7. My longest word is TESTATORS (9 letters) and my highest scoring word is QUAINTER (127 points).

Now for Tournaments, for All Time, I’ve won 2885 games, with 332 1st place wins. My average is 76.9 words found, at 25.7 points per word, averaging 1977 points per round. I’ve won 6006 tickets (and used them all to play in more tournaments). In tournaments, I most often play the Classic Bonus, with an entry of 2 tickets. When I have LOTS of tickets, then I indulge in the Blitz Bonus. The competition is fierce in the Blitz Bonus, and I am doing better and better by utilizing the tips and tactics I give to you in this app.

When I ran high school track and cross country, our coaches didn't just have us go out and run the same way everyday, at the same pace. Sometimes we did speed work, and at other times strength or hill training. We worked on flexibility and mental toughness. We worked on finishing strong. Then all these came together synergistically on race day so we could run our best race.

I do the same for you in this app. You'll work on speed tactics and word knowledge. You'll focus on the high point and bonus tiles to get the most points. You'll even get health and environmental tips that will sharpen your abilities. Then all of these will come together as you play daily and you will get better and better. If every one of these tips give you a 1% improvement, then you’ll improve by 100% by practicing all of them.

Of course, it won’t work exactly like that. Some of the tips will give you much greater than a 1% improvement. You’ll resonate with some of the tactics and strategies, and some others you may not even try. But overall, you will get better, much better. Some of you will be content with some major improvements in a few areas, and that’s fine. Others of you will consistently train and practice these tactics over time, and those incremental improvements will lead to some monumental results in your play.

Just researching and writing about these tips has added another level of improvement to my game. What we focus on will grow. So whatever tactic I was writing about became one that I implemented in play. Then when they become subconscious, you can focus on others. When you learned to drive a car, you had to focus on your foot on the pedal, and your hands on the wheel, and how to coordinate everything. But after a while, you can do all those things easily, all while you are daydreaming or carrying on a conversation.

So at first, you'll need to focus on using ING to the full extent. You'll need to focus on seeing the values of all the tiles. But after a while you'll just focus on tracing words because your subconscious will find the highest scoring words on the board. We tend to like to do what we can do well. So as you become better, you'll actually ENJOY Word Streak so much more. I'm so grateful that Zynga has built this game for us!

Some of my 101 hints you might have heard elsewhere. But many of them you haven’t, and you can’t get them anywhere else. Grab them now while it’s hot on your mind. Think how much fun you'll have.
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