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A dirty pig (story and games for kids)

A dirty pig (story and games for kids)

Hien Bui

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A dirty pig (story and games for kids) Description
A dirty pig - Kid story with picture from Hien Bui. Totally free.
Content of the story:
1. Pigky is a dirty pig. He often plays all day outside, rolls over on the ground and makes himself covers full with mud and dusk. But he rarely takes a bath. His parents often tell him: “Little pig, you need to take a bath more often and don’t be so dirty like this. If you don’t, you can got scabies of problems with your skin”.
2. But Pigky does not listen to his parents’ words. One day it rains so hard. The playground where Pigky often plays becomes a big mud. Pigky and his friends love this so much. They roll deep in the mud, soon all their bodies are dirty.
3. After playing Pigky feels very sleepy. He finds a private place and sleeps right away. All the mud covers his body dries up but Pigky does not pay any attention.
4. The next several days, Pigky and his friends continue to play in the mud. Of course Pigky does not take a bath at all. Soon a thick layer of mud covers all his body. There is one sparrow bringing some vegetable seeds and drops some seeds on Pigky’s body.
5. Several weed seeds flying in the air and perch on Pigky’s body also. The weed and vegetable seeds start to sprout and grow up. Pigky still busy with his games and does not take care at all the new garden on his body.
6. Day after day the vegetables grow bigger and higher on Pigky body. Pigky finds it is a bit stinky and it seems that his body is more heavy. “I am fatter this time, maybe”. He thinks.
7. “Such a nice moving garden!”. An elephant says. “Welcome a great farmer!”. A money greets. Too surprised, he looks around: “Who do they say hello? What is moving garden arounding here?”
8. One day the roots of the vegetables and the weeds reach the skin of Pigky. He feels very itchy. He comes home and tells his parents: “Please help me. I feel very itchy and discomfortable”
9. Pigky’s parents look at him and talk: “It’s because you don’t keep your body clean. Your body covers with full mud and there is even a garden on your body”.
10. They take Pigky to the pond so that he can look at himself in the water. “Oh my god! There are so many trees growing on my body”. Pigky shouts in panic.
11. Pigky quickly asks his parents to take the trees out of his body. After that he cleans his body up and takes a bath. But he still feels not good and the itch does not go away.
12. Pigky’s parents quickly take him to the doctor to see what the problem is. Doctor bear examines Pigky carefully and talks: “You don’t keep your body clean, now you get the scabies.”

Will doctor bear take away the scabies on Pigky's body? Will Pigky change himself to be more clean and tidy after that.
Let's read the full story to know the result.
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