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AddMovie Description
Add video, live and still photos together into a single video.

Optionally apply wipe transitions. Add audio to any video soundtrack.

Replace video audio: the video will be re-encoded to fit existing frames to match the audio duration. In this way you can create cool video effects by implicitly varying frame rate.

Reverses video & audio.

Crop audio by cropping video then save audio.

Use option ‘First Selected Media Item Audio’ as the audio source of media menu actions:

- Replace Audio
- Add Audio
- Add Audio From Current Time

Live and still photos are converted to video for adding.

Use video actions to:

Overlay Video or Image

Use media actions menu to:

Combine videos 2 vertically, 2 horizontal or 4 square.

The picker table at the top lists all your Photo albums. Select an album by tapping a row.

The album contents are displayed below the table in a single row collection.

Tap on media items in that collection to add them to the media items collection below it for editing and adding together.

Use the media actions menu to import photos and video from iCloud. Paste photos. Tap on rightmost button to access the media actions menu.

AddMovie supports receiving from other apps with their share menu.

Tap on a media item to play its video.

When the video displays 'tap and hold' on it to bring up the video actions menu.

The video actions menu is also available in the media actions menu (tap the right most bottom button).

Operations available in the video actions menu include:

• Add and replace audio and music tracks
• Trim, crop and rotate videos
• Labelling videos
• Video frame filtering
• Apply overlay images to video frames

All of the video app previews for AddMovie were made with AddMovie.

The following features were especially useful for making the video app previews:

• Access to video clips and live photos in the Photos library
• Trimming videos 'to' and 'from' the current video player time
• Using the 1080p and 3:4 quality option to meet app preview video size and frame rate requirements
• Adding and replacing video audio
• Overlays and use of overlay template creation
• Labelling with editable font styles
• Duplicating items
• Saving video frames to Photos
• Wipe transitions
• Drag and drop within the media actions collection
• Item info that includes video size and duration
• Showing video dimension labels for media collection
• 'Select All' and 'Deselect All'
• Saving and loading videos form iCloud
• Convenience of built-in audio


AddMovie can be used to apply filters to video frames. Some notable new additions to the filters library: Crop Circle, Auto-enhance, Thermal, X-Ray, Compound Eye, Droste, VHS, CRT

Crop Circle - crop video frames to maximal inner circle with outside background white or black color determined in options.

Auto-enhance - applies a variety of filters to automatically enhance video frames. These filters remedy some of the most common issues found in photos: repairs red/amber/white eye due to camera flash, adjusts face color for pleasing skin tones, increases image saturation without distorting the skin tones, adjusts image contrast and shadow details.

Thermal - special effect that mimics color coding heat producing colorful enhancements

X-Ray - simulates x-ray photo glow

Compound Eye - simulates insect vision by replicating frames multiple times

Droste - special effect applies recursion to video frames

VHS - simulation of VHS tracking noise

CRT - intensification of CRT display effect with warping and RGB pixelation

Filters are easy to apply:

Select a media item to display it in the player, then tap and hold on the player until the video actions menu appears.

Select "Apply Filter" to open the filters view that will display previews of the current player frame of all available filters. The last filter selected is always remembered.

Apply multiple filters simply by applying another filter to the current filtered player video.
AddMovie 2.1.7 Update
2020-11-11 Version History
Multiplicity - a new feature that creates a kaleidoscope effect with some 'speed' options. Access from the Video Actions Menu > Edit > Multiplicity. Tap and hold on the video player view to display the Video Actions Menu, or access it from the Media Actions Menu - the right most button in the tab bar.

Previous Updates:

Ghost Trails - a new feature that overlays previous frames to the current frame with varying opacity to create a fading trail for moving objects. Options for the number of frames used (3, 5, 7, 9 and 13) and their time spacing as mutliples of 1/30th of a second (1.5, 2, 3, 4 and 5). Best for videos with moving objects and relatively static backgrounds.

Three new video filters : Shake, Blue Smoke and Blush, right after the Comic filter.

Video sequencing now provides a menu to pick the desired video play overlap of adjacent videos: None, 1, 5, 10 or maximum seconds as half the duration of the shortest video.

Trimmer view show audio save progress.

Crop view show progress when not exiting to crop.

Fixed link navigation in help (access in Options view)

New and improved features. NEW - Color Filters - color videos red, green, blue, cyan, purple, yellow, orange, magenta. Access from the Video Actions Menu > Apply Filter.
FIXED - Reversing video was occasionally failing when the audio track was being reversed due to a memory issue.

NEW - Video sequence: A video sequence is a horizontal, vertical or grid arrangement of up to 16 videos that play serially rather than concurrently. Access from the Add (+) menu in main view, or from the Media Actions Menu.

• NEW - 17 unique audio recordings are available for adding audio to a video, or replacing a video audio completely.

App enabled to download the recordings as needed to save space. Access the new recordings from the 'Remote Titles…' submenu of the 'Our Music' menu:

To access the audio menu 'tap and hold' on the video player to display the 'Video Actions Menu'.

Select 'Replace Audio' or 'Add Audio' to access the 'Audio Select' menu.

Tap 'Pick Audio', choose 'Our Music' and select the new menu item 'Remote Titles' at the top to pick audio title.

• FIX - The ‘Trim Again’ feature has been improved. Trim again enables you to resume the trimmer in the state you last left it. Access using from the video actions menu (tap and hold on the player view, or from the media actions menu):

Video Actions Menu > Edit > Trim Again

• Media thumbnails have been increased in size for clarity on iPad.

• Only the ‘Light’ appearance mode is supported for clarity of user interface elements.

Overlay editor displays full composition in the preview (not cropping), and fixed missing unicode icons in media actions menu (rightmost tool button at bottom of display).

Navigation tips:

• Tap and hold on the player video to access the video actions menu, or select it from the media items menu.

• Combine videos from the media actions menu. Access this menu by tapping the right most button on the bottom of the main view.

• Overlay videos from the media actions menu, or go to the ‘Overlay & Mask’ view from the ‘Edit’ submenu of the video actions menu.

VIDEO COMPOSING: Extended to 3 videos at a time, vertical and horizontal.

VIDEO RESIZE : New edit menu item. Access the edit menu from the video actions menu using ‘tap and hold’ on the video player, or from the media action menu in the toolbar. Video resize can be employed for special effects using fractional sizes of ½, ⅓, ¼, ⅕, ⅙, ⅛, and ⅒ original width. Common device sizes, as well as size taken from image on clipboard.

CROP: Crop rectangle can be reset to original width, original height and centered.

OVERLAY: Additional overlay options including support for background images, operations to reset overlay to center horizontally or vertically, and reset scale or rotation. The ‘Select’ menu of operations has been reorganized into submenus for clarity.
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