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AdQube Description
Are you ready for a new experience in advertising? Use AdQube to promote your business, events etc. by
posting tasks and inviting people on the app to create an ad video which will be posted in the public
videos page. If they do a good job, pay them using Qubes which they can later convert to money. It is
that simple.

This exciting and new way to advertise lets you Be heard, Anytime, Any Place, Anywhere!
If someone accepts your ad task and does not do “an up to par” job, No worries, let the public decide
through Squabbles voting. The public will be a deciding factor if they deserve the Qubes or you get your
money back.

Pick up ads and even better, make your own and have fun!

This is how it works:
Take, for example, Mr. Newby, who is about to launch his new business “Just Burger”. He would like to
advertise at a low cost towards targeted customers in his area. He goes onto AdQube and posts a task
titled “Just Burger is Open for Business”. His task description specifically says “Play guitar while telling 3
people in downtown Somecity that Just Burger is Launching”. He offers 10 Qubes for whoever accepts
his task.

Johnny, the college student, accepts Mr. Newby’s task. He goes to downtown and plays the guitar while
following the task instructions, records it on the AdQube app, and sends it to Mr. Newby’s profile for review and acceptance.

Mr. Newby watches the 30 seconds video and accepts Johnny’s video. The video goes on the app public feed where it can be viewed by anyone with the app in Mr. Newby’s area or anywhere. Johnny gets the 10 Qubes which he can cash out for real money.

It is that simple!

Login: To start being heard, anytime, anywhere, any place!

Public: watch the latest ads by our AdQube stars and let them know how much you like them by
showing Love!

Qubes: the amazingly low cost of this is that you can advertise yourself, your business, your product,
let’s be simple and whatever you want to advertise, AdQube has your back! And you can get paid if you
create ads for anyone on the app!

Posts: Tell people how/what you want to advertise and send directly to an individual, specific area, or
worldwide. Someone picks up your ad and if it is worth their time, they do it and if they do a great job
then they make money.

Feed: Are there any ad tasks in your area or around the world that you may be interested in? if yes,
then what are you waiting for? Accept a task and get paid.

Squabbles: if there is a disagreement on whether a good job was done, the public will be a deciding
factor through voting. This way you get an Advertisement in a fun way that people will see and decide if the task performed is worthy of Qubes.

My bucket: This is where you see all the ads in your “bucket”, what you have pending, or what has been
completed. The cool thing is you can share your personalized ads and experience with all major social media platforms thereby giving you more exposure. You can let them know why AdQube is so awesome, we will really appreciate that!

Why you will love using the AdQube app:
* Low cost way to advertise
* You determine how much you want to pay for advertising.
* You direct your own ads by stating exactly how you would like it done.
* Use the location option to browse through ads in your area or around the world.
* Once your ad is on the public feed it will be seen locally and around the world.

The AdQube app is free to download.

Thank you for downloading, and for being a part in our AdQube community!

Let your Qubiness flow and be heard, anytime, anyplace, anywhere!!
AdQube 1.0.8 Update
2020-01-16 Version History
a new feature for searching ads by keyword
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51.6 MB
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AdQube, Inc.
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