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Ant Colony Kingdom-idle game Description
Tiny World-The Kingdom of Ants

Explore the ant kingdom of the insect world, build your own ant colony, find food, grow mushrooms, feed queen ants, and hatch more worker and soldier ants. You can start the adventure from the perspective of a little ant. There are a large number of tasks to guide you to upgrade your ant colony and train you to become a powerful ant colony.
The best features and highlights of Ant Kingdom:
Collect resources and bring them back to your ant nest.
* Feed the queen and breed more worker and soldier ants.
* Allocate the work of the workers so that the entire ant colony can work in an orderly manner.
* Upgrade and evolve your soldiers to make them stronger.
* Resist the invasion and attack of enemy red ants, or take the initiative to attack other ant nests. To obtain resources and reward items.
* Take in some small homeless insects and let them join your ant colony to become stronger.
*Improve the nest, keep the entrance and road unobstructed, and maintain ventilation and humidity.
*Daily login rewards, lucky bags, gift packages, treasure boxes

Explore the mystery of the insect world-the kingdom of ants, expand your territory and search for food sources. Feed the queen to hatch more larvae. Destroy the huge ant army that is attacking your colony and suppress the attacks of other insects such as spiders, scorpions, locusts, frogs and so on.

The real ant kingdom 3D simulator, features:
* Realistic 3D insect survival simulator;
*Immersive ant and insect behavior simulation
*Huge open world map, explore the gardens, forests, streams, wheat fields, etc. in front of the door;
* Attack hostile insects and ant colonies. Use group attacks and team collaboration attacks.
*High-quality 3D animation and modeling of ants, spiders, frogs, grasshoppers and other insects.
*Realistic textures and modeling of forests, gardens, streams, wheat fields, etc.

This is a very interesting, relaxing and casual game. From the perspective of an ant, start to collect food, feed the queen, hatch more worker and soldier ants, expand the size of the ant colony, and defeat the invasion and attack of hostile insects. Let you understand the story behind the rise and prosperity of an ant kingdom. You may also learn a lot of knowledge about insects. This game is not only a game, but also a popular science knowledge of insect knowledge.
Ant Colony Kingdom-idle game 1.0.5 Update
2022-06-23 Version History
1. optimize the Caton problem
2. fix the problem of reward invalidation
3. fix some bugs
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69.1 MB
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文泽 唐
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