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AP Calculus Complete Course (Calculus I)

AP Calculus Complete Course (Calculus I)

Arshin Jain

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AP Calculus Complete Course (Calculus I) Description
Completely redesigned into an immersive layout which is not only appealing but is simple to use.

Apple TV Support—Now users may turn on Airplay to view content on Large TV Screen for added convenience.

We noticed the app crashed on certain devices and versions of iOS 9 and have eliminated all the errors by redesigning the User Interface to exceed Quality Standards and provide an engaging educational Experience.

We will add new features on a weekly basis since the exam is coming soon — Hope you study well :)

Coming Soon: Question-Answer Area, Lecture Download Option, Professor selection option for AP Calculus AB, and Profile options to save/favorite/download content. We're also developing Apple TV and Apple Watch Companion apps.

General Description:
Every Topic from AP Calculus curriculum is covered here in a simplified example based approach.

Professor Zhu clearly explains concepts of Calculus I material (designed specially for AP Calc).

Each Topic covers examples, theorems and detailed explanations of the concept taught.

New: Apple TV Support (Play Lectures on TV after turning on Apple TV on iOS while Mirroring is turned off).

The following topics are included:
I. Functions
-Definitions & Properties of Functions
-Inverse Functions
-Polynomial Functions
-Trigonometric Functions
-Inverse Trigonometric Functions
-Trigonometric Identities
-Exponential Functions
-Logarithmic Functions
-Rational Functions
-Conic Sections

II. Limits and Continuity
-Limit Definition & Properties
-Solving Limits with Algebra
-Rational Limit Rules
-One Sided Limits
-Special Trigonometric Limits
-Limits & Continuity
-Limits: Multiple Choice Practice

III. Derivatives
-Derivative Definition & Properties
-Basic Rules of Differentiation
-Power Rule
-Trigonometric Rules
-Product Rule
-Quotient Rule
-Chain Rule
-Higher Order Derivatives
-Derivatives of Exponential Functions
-Derivatives of Logarithmic Functions
-Derivatives of Inverse Trigonometric Functions
-Implicit Differentiation
-Multiple Choice Practice: Derivatives

IV. Applications of Derivatives
-Tangent & Normal Lines
-Position Velocity & Acceleration
-Related Rates
-Minimum & Maximum
-Rolles Theorem
-Mean Value Theorem
-Applications of Derivatives: Multiple Choice Practice
-Applications of Derivatives: Free Response Practice

V. Integrals
-Definition of Integrals
-Integrals of Power Rule
-Integrals Basic Rules of Integration
-Trigonometric Rules of Integrals
-Chain Rule
-Integrals of Exponential Functions
-Integrals of Natural Logarithmic Functions
-Integrals of Inverse Trigonometric Functions
-Integrals: Multiple Choice Practice

VI. Applications of Integrals
-Fundamental Theorem of Calculus
-Area Under A Curve
-Reimann Sums
-Trapezoid Rule
-Mean Value Theorem
-Second Fundamental Theorem of Calculus
-Area Between Curves
-Revolving Solids Washer Disk Methods
-Revolving Solids Cylindrical Shells Method
-Revolving Solids Known Cross Sections
-Differential Equations Eulers Method
-Differential Equations Slope Fields
-Application of Integrals: Multiple Choice Practice
-Application of Integrals: Free Response Practice

VII. Sample AP Test
AP Calculus Complete Course (Calculus I) 1.1 Update
2016-03-09 Version History
Additional lessons available since AP Tests are approaching.

Good Luck!
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12.6 MB
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Arshin Jain
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