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Nov 15, 2018
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About Lawgivers

Lawgivers (formerly Laws of Civilization) is a turn-based politics game. Enter parliament and use democracy to approve important laws and rank among first countries in the world.

◉ Choose a party, promise actions to citizens and run for elections
◉ Approve or abolish laws with parliamentary votes
◉ Take care of lawmaker's experience, popularity and loyalty
◉ Corrupt concurrent politicians in order to win majority
◉ Build up relations with other parties and appoint the president

PREMIUM edition includes:
- 17 playable nations such as the US, UK, Russia, or South Korea
- Over 120 ordinary and constitutional laws
- Additional features like assassinations and money laundering
- 42 science advances
- no advertisement
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What's New in the Latest Version 2.2.0

Last updated on May 19, 2023
Old Versions
- 3 new laws "Fishing regulation", "Artificial intelligence ban" and "Smart cities"
- fixed screen flickering issues on some devices
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Version History
May 19, 2023
- 3 new laws "Fishing regulation", "Artificial intelligence ban" and "Smart cities"
- fixed screen flickering issues on some devices
Jan 4, 2023
- 7 new laws "National lottery", "Decriminalize minor offenders", "Divident tax", "Night curfew", "Mandatory winter tires", "Fireworks prohibition" and "Christmas Gift"
- 2 new events "Chemical accident" and "Heat wave"
- several balance changes
- engine optimizations and fixes
Apr 3, 2022
- lawmaker window can now be opened from law
- better performance and power consume
- memory leak that could lead to a crash
- if the president dies with martial law, than the law is removed
- solved some compatibility problems on MacOS
May 20, 2021
- display rank of party member on members page
- people AI behaviour improvements
- some graphical improvements
- performance and compatibility fixes
- date time display according to region
Jul 25, 2020
1.8.0 "Ultimate":
- 3 new laws "Mass surveillance", "Inheritance tax" and "Tax haven"
- some members will want black money to be hired
- amendments to allow 60 and 70 seats in parliament
- amendment to set election frequency to 65 or 70 weeks
- new event "Landslide"
- more lawmakers AI behaviours
- general game elements rebalancing
- small overall enhancements
- fixed various reported bugs
Apr 19, 2020
- corrections to many localizations
- fixed and improved flyer distribution
- some balance changes
- fixed some technical issues
Feb 12, 2020
- significant AI rebalancing and improvements
- fixed additional reported bugs
Feb 7, 2020
- additional bugfixes and improvements
Feb 6, 2020
- more bugfixes and improvements
Feb 2, 2020
- more bugfixes and improvements
Jan 31, 2020
- laws now display implementation time on votes
- performance improvement, especially in late game
- tweaks to game balance and ai
- achievements were not working for some players
- many more bugfixes
Jan 28, 2020
- Achievements system with 20 achievements
- the president is now able to call snap election
- new action "Create scandal" (whip up a scandal about a lawmaker)
- new laws "Plastic tax", "Right of self defence", "Anti-money laundering" and "Sunday shopping ban"
- new constitutional law to introduce election majority bonuses
- new actions to promise on interviews "Invest more in research" and "Fight corruption"
- South Tyrol (my homeland) as playable country
- the president may now resign
- new events "Volcanic eruption" and "Blizzard"
- option to set election every 60 weeks
- option to approve constitutional changes with just 80% of votes
- population can now vote blank/null on elections
- new party and members ai behaviours
- substantial balance and AI improvements
- improved the way to change constitutional laws
- graphical and font enhancements
- improved life expectancy behaviour
- sometimes missions failed on reaching goal at same turn
- fixed a rare bug that could cause game corruption
- fixed a bug that made some users start with very low %
- fixed several more minor bugs
Jan 15, 2020
- a few cosmetic changes
- various balance improvements to increase difficulty
- less ads in the LITE edition
- some laws didn't displayed changes correctly
Nov 25, 2019
- new laws "Animal testing ban" and "Air travel tax"
- improved party AI on votes
- sometimes a party from another country was joining the game
- in rare cases it wasn't possible to start a new game
- money balance was sometimes not displayed correctly
- some localization errors
Oct 28, 2019
- esperanto localization
- edit year in calendar window to faster navigate
- button to remove all party messages at once
- several balance improvements
- performance improvements
- sometimes was possible to do actions with a inactive member
- fixed several other smaller bugs
Oct 19, 2019
- layout positions on mobile
- free person money cost was not removed
- fixed many more smaller bugs
Oct 9, 2019
- hotfixes
- balance improvements
- Sweden as playable country
- new plannable Events "Revolution" and "Coup d'Etat"
- new law "Air travel tax"
- president can now suspend a law for 10 turns
- president can now supress protests and revolutions
- members order is now adjustable for elections
- members may now go to prison on bad actions
- amendments for 20, 36, 48 or 54 seats in parliament
- and much more :)
Sep 2, 2019
- improved party AI
- less ads in the lite version
- fixed many reported bugs
Aug 21, 2019
- new Law "Stamp duty"
- player now gets less irrelevant messages
- fixes to korean and french localizations
- various improvements to UI
- option to send savegame in order to faster catch and solve bugs
- fixed several crashes and bugs
Aug 15, 2019
- general bugfixes and maintenance
- transition to new name "Lawgivers"
- experimental gamepad support on pc
- Vsync option on pc
Jul 21, 2019
- sometimes money was removed without any reason
- change party size at start is now working
- buy vote wasn't possible sometimes
- fixed some critical errors
Jul 20, 2019
- buy vote wasn't possible sometimes
- fixed some critical errors
- amendments to set election frequency every 45, 50 or 55 turns
- improved partyAI on law votes
- little improvements to UI
- Japan has now correctly japanese names
- fixed more reported bugs
Jul 17, 2019
- Japan as playable country
- 3 new constitutional laws "Parliamentary immunity", "Presidential term limits" and "Media censorship"
- 8 new laws like "One child policy" or "Travel visa"
- new events "Wildfire" and "Sporting victory"
- new colors for party "Dark Blue" and "Turquoise"
- new poll to find out world ideology trend
- players can promise to raise democracy on interviews
- president can adress message to nation on interviews
- users can now edit more elements of custom or default parties
- sometimes media have more followers of a specific ideology
- custom parties are now divided and attached to nations
- a members may steal money from their party on certain conditions
- party AI is now sending it's lawmakers on missions
- desktop edition is now showing active events on top and active missions on bottom
- on desktop edition is now possible to progress turns while holding the end turn button
- benchmark results are now more stable and useful
- improved citizen AI on presidential election
- general improvements to user interface
- fixed when a party was at 0.00% it wasn't shown on elections
- fixed more localization mistakes
- fixed many minor reported bugs
Jun 28, 2019
- user interface zoom setting on desktop edition
- fixed uncommon bug that made it impossible to progress turn

- fixed uncommon crash when voting on law
- in unusual cases it could happen that a law was approved twice
- fixed some localization mistakes
May 22, 2019
- japanese translation
- sometimes savegames disappeared
- minor bugfixes

Lawgivers FAQ

Lawgivers is available in regions other than the following restricted countries:
Lawgivers supports English
Click here to learn how to download Lawgivers in restricted country or region.
Check the following list to see the minimum requirements of Lawgivers.
Requires iOS 12.0 or later.
Requires iPadOS 12.0 or later.
iPod touch
Requires iOS 12.0 or later.

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