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2.6.54for iPhone, iPad and more
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Malcolm Arcand Laliberte
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Feb 19, 2015
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Shredsauce posterShredsauce posterShredsauce posterShredsauce posterShredsauce posterShredsauce poster

About Shredsauce

Shredsauce is a freestyle skiing game with realistic physics. Create or select from thousands of levels, gear and grabs and show them off to your friends in Shredsauce's online multiplayer mode.
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What's New in the Latest Version 2.6.54

Last updated on May 9, 2023
Old Versions
iOS verion now up-to-date with web version. Fixes to experimental level editor custom features. Show character in main menu. Rail/buttering animations work in multiplayer. Pose sequences. Invite links added to multiplayer rooms. Gear editor is much smoother.
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Version History
May 9, 2023
iOS verion now up-to-date with web version. Fixes to experimental level editor custom features. Show character in main menu. Rail/buttering animations work in multiplayer. Pose sequences. Invite links added to multiplayer rooms. Gear editor is much smoother.
Sep 1, 2022
* Fixed jerky animations. They're much smoother now.
* Level editor bug fixes.
Aug 15, 2022
- Snowboard works in multiplayer
Feb 2, 2022
A bunch of bug fixes and snowboarding!
Aug 30, 2020
- Fixed IAP Restore button
- Fixed butters
- Fixes to saving in the level editor and gear editor
- Fixed sign-in button
- Other bug fixes
Jun 12, 2020
- Fixed bug where the flip (vertical) would get stuck causing your character to flip out of control.
- Increased the size of the brush in the gear editor
May 30, 2020
- Bug fixes
- Fixed issue where ads came back even after Removed Ads was purchased.
- Fixed custom grabs being reset to default
- Added L/R grab tweak buttons
May 22, 2020
- Save/load grab packs!
- Made changes to the grab selector. Grabs are now easier to select
- Removed the old, confusing way to map grabs
- Level editor is more robust
- Improved multiplayer
- Reverts added. Slide crouch finger up and then left in an upside down L motion
Aug 14, 2019
- In-game menu's restart button no longer disappears.
- Grab editor fixes. Character over UI and list of bones doesn't overshoot the scroll view.
- nomoreui cheat works for mobile now. Turns UI back on after 2 minutes.
- Fixed level selector sort options. Top rated - All time was in the wrong spot.
- Unfreeze characters upon entering a room (they must also be on version 2.5.20 and above).
- Fixed chat: Could not click on player name to create private chat or scroll in the chat view.
- Fixed level saving progress bar. It stayed stuck sometimes.
Jul 12, 2019
- Tweak the button layout position, size and opacity via the settings menu while in a game
- Fixed frozen player in multiplayer bug (thanks to Fred aka fredsawce for the help). note: players still on an older version may still appear frozen.
- Fixed butters and surface swaps with butter key (thanks for the help and testing shredjolle and liil_timmie)
- Improvements to ground physics (less falling through the ground)
- Fixed bug where screen was completely black on some iPhone devices (thanks to swerve_sauce for testing)
- Fixed the character animation jitters caused by the brake animation staying stuck
- Removed home button swipe for iPhone X users
- Progress bar added to level editor while saving
- Spectate mode automatically stops if the player spectated player leaves the game
- Unity version updated to 2019.1.8
- Fixed IAP remove ads and restore buttons
- Other bug fixes and improvements
May 2, 2019
- Essayer la version française! Find the localization test via the settings menu.
- Fixed outline bug in camera controls test (type in camerasteeze to try it out).
- Different spectating system. Now shows which users are currently spectating you.
- Other bug fixes.
Mar 4, 2019
- Free cam test. Use the cheat "camerasteeze" to activate.
- Optimized multiplayer. Player movement is smoother.
- Back to regular trees.
- Other bug fixes.
Jan 10, 2019
- Fixed 'Back to skiing' button (for those stuck in the snowboard test mode).
- Fixed 'Restore purchases' and 'Remove ads' buttons in the store.
- Changes to level loading to increase FPS
- Rail sounds are slightly better (they don't stay stuck).
- Other bug fixes
Dec 25, 2018
- Snowboarding test! Go to the settings menu to activate it. Grab editor and selector as well as multiplayer mode does not work with snowboarding yet. It's coming though!
- Featured gear. Check out the different J skis.
- Cheats work on mobile.
- Fixed glitch where you lost speed while on rails.
- Other bug fixes.
Nov 29, 2018
-Christmas trees are back!
- Lobby has a cleaner look
- Fixed characters flailing around
- Grabs line up correctly with hands
- Other bug fixes
- Faster shaders
- Level features can be loaded in remotely
Aug 20, 2018
Rail tricks and ground tricks option added to custom grabs. Select 'Rail trick' and/or 'Ground trick' from the grab editor to allow users to use your grab on rails or the ground in addition to the air.

Bug fixes to grab editor
Jun 20, 2018
Updates to Gear editor
* Added snapback
* Other bug fixes

* Fixed "copy grabs" feature in online multiplayer
* Security updates
* Bug fixes to level selector
May 15, 2018
Bug fixes:
-Opening levels in the level editor loads from remote database.
-Fixed broken grabs if no grabs were set or not connected to the Internet.
Apr 25, 2018
Shredsauce 2.3.3 release notes


* Change your character’s clothing with the gear selector! If you can’t find what you’re looking for, create it using the gear editor.
* You can do lincoln loops / side flips now! Use the slider above the left thumbstick.
* Map creator's name is blue, set at the start
* Info popup showing level name and created by at the start of a game
* Volume control
* Spectating someone causes invisible characters to build and display
* Constant player list refresh in game
* Character building optimized
* Chat send button is bigger
* Nofication when someone starts spectating you
* Boosting without poles uses a skate animation instead of pole planting

* Put away the Christmas trees until next winter
* Character is better lit up in grab creator and selector
* Hands are open without poles
* Cleaned up main menu buttons
* Downloaded character textures are cached so that they aren’t re-downloaded
* Fixed quarter pipe colliders so you don’t sink into them
* Cleaned up login. Remember me toggle actually does something now
* Latest version of level is updated if local is an older version

* Bug fixes in the grab editor
* Fixed grab selector bug where no input was detected while swiping
* Fixed bug where character stayed stuck after crashing
* Fixed glitch where sometimes you float after hitting a rail
* Skis and poles don't follow you when you crash anymore
* Fixed bug where character stayed stuck after crashing
* Fixed glitch where rail sound wouldn’t stop
* Fixed bug where player name was appearing as ‘scn’ in grab editor
* New search resets the page back to 1
* Fixed broken custom grabs where the hands weren't lining up correctly
* Fixed bug where character would crash when it wasn’t supposed to
Dec 15, 2017
* [Multiplayer] "Copy grabs", "spectate" and "teleport to" options available under the chat in multiplayer. This should make SLVSH games easier ;)
* [Multiplayer] New players appear after restart (to prevent lag mid-trick).
* [Multiplayer] Other player's animations are smoother.
* Undo/Redo added to Grab Editor
* You can now save grabs to your device and sync them to the remote server.
* Added sounds
* Christmas trees!!

Bug fixes:
* [Multiplayer] Pile-up glitch fixed
* [Multiplayer] Chat no longer disappears after an ad plays.
* [Multiplayer] Your connection to the server stays for a few seconds after taking focus away from the app. So you can reply to someone on Newschoolers mid sesh.
* [Multiplayer] Fixed bug where restarting after crashing didn't reset the ragdoll for other players. So others would see you as a flailing ragdoll. Hilarious but annoying.
* Bindings don't stay on your boots when you crash.
* Concrete features fixed. (they acted as rails instead of boxes.)
* in-game level rating, saving, and sharing fixed.
* Boosting always sends you forward while standing still, and is no longer possible while on rails.
* Prompt to save level in play and edit modes in the level editor.
Oct 2, 2017
Fixes to the grab selector
Sep 21, 2017
Bug fixes

- No more glitchy dogpile at the start point in multiplayer
- Restart button no longer restarts everyone else
- Level / Grab searching fixed
- "Update" added to Grab editor
Sep 15, 2017
- Improved grab selection
- Improved graphics
Jun 16, 2017
Fixed the speed boost (swipe up)
Jun 9, 2017
Custom grabs!
- Create grabs by rotating the character's joints
- Select from grabs created by the community. Replace the default grabs on the character

Crashing animation!
- Character ragdolls if your landing is too sketchy

- Restore purchases button fixed
- Mobile ratings work
- Saving levels to device works

Shredsauce FAQ

Click here to learn how to download Shredsauce in restricted country or region.
Check the following list to see the minimum requirements of Shredsauce.
Requires iOS 11.0 or later.
Requires iPadOS 11.0 or later.
iPod touch
Requires iOS 11.0 or later.
Shredsauce supports English, French, Japanese, Norwegian Bokmål, Spanish
Shredsauce contains in-app purchases. Please check the pricing plan as below:
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