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Jul 17, 2023
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About treezi

Treezi is a game changer for tree care companies looking for a powerful software solution. It’s for tree folks seeking an easy transition into the digital world. From the initial client visit, treezi makes every touchpoint a breezy.

Treezi streamlines the sales, field operations and back-office management to align communication and boost productivity. Treezi is cloud-accessible on any device or computer so everyone is looking at the same thing.

Treezi is designed for small tree care businesses, but optimized for big growth. It’s handsaws down, the fasted tree inventory app out there.

Treezi is built by a tree company, then redesigned and released for the benefit of all tree companies. We made treezi to minimize our own headaches and scale growth, so we get it.

Sweet features:

Create tree-centric proposals
Job notes & tree notes
Unlimited tree inventory
Online client approval
Assign jobs to crew leader
Real-time job tracking
Client hub (no logins required)
Optimized for clients with multiple properties

Pre-loaded with:
Service treatments with ANZI-standard descriptions
Over 500 tree species

A product of A PLUS TREE, INC
Makers of: ArborPlus
*Not available in the following states: CA, WA, OR & UT
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What's New in the Latest Version 1.13.2

Last updated on Jul 17, 2023
Old Versions
Bug Fixes:
- Fixed an issue where the text color in the schedule date pickers was not visible when the device was in dark mode.
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Version History
Jul 17, 2023
Bug Fixes:
- Fixed an issue where the text color in the schedule date pickers was not visible when the device was in dark mode.
Jul 12, 2023
New Features:
- Enabled username and password auto fill on the Authentication screen. Password saving and filling must be enabled in the device's OS.
- Added a pinch gesture on the TreeCamera screen to zoom in and out.
- Added a double tap gesture on the TreeCamera screen to select a focal point.
- Added a sub menu (accessed from the JobMap footer) that allows the user to view multiple trees and mark work complete on them. The trees displayed in this sub menu are contingent on current map filters and lasso tool selections.

UI Tweaks:
- Redesigned Authentication screen to be more streamlined.
- Added more visibility of job and treatment hours on the JobDetails and JobMap screens.

Bug Fixes:
- Fixed bug that would cause a slow down when adding long notes.
- Fixed a bug that would prevent service presets from displaying the description on reports that use them.
- Fixed a bug that would prevent notes from being saved when using dictation to enter them.
- Fixed a bug that would show the 'Copy Client Contact' on the create property screen even when the client had no contact information.
- Fixed a bug that would prevent the user from syncing the internal treatment notes to the public treatment notes.
- Fixed a bug that would prevent the user from pasting into the 'email address' fields on the various forms.
Dec 5, 2022
New Features:
- Added a new button to the 'Site Contacts' section when creating a new property for a preexisting client that will allow the user to copy the client's contact details into the site's contacts.
- Added a new tree attribute for 'No Parking' and a corresponding map filter that can be used to easily identify trees with the attribute on the various maps.
- Added a 'Primary Tree Image' system, allowing the user to mark a single tree image for each tree as the primary, the primary image is used as the cover photo in all places a single image is displayed.
- Added a 'Public Treatment Notes' system, these are a new note type similar to the previous treatment notes(and are added in all the same places) but are exposed to the customer. The notes will appear on customer, portals, estimates, and PDFs.
- Added the ability to select all trees currently shown on a property or report map, the selection can be narrowed down by using the map filters. Once trees are selected in this manner the user can bulk add treatments to them.
- Added the ability to bulk add treatments to trees selected by the Lasso tool on all property and report maps.

UI Tweaks:
- Added tappable download links to the popups that open when first starting the app that let the user know their app is out of date.
- Added a date to each tree photo showing when the photo was taken, this info is visible from the PhotoSwiperScreen.
- Added the name of the user who added a tree photo, this info is visible from the PhotoSwiperScreen.

Bug Fixes:
- Fixed a crash that would occur when the user taps the treatment section on either the TreeCreate or TreeDetails screens before data has been fully initialized.
- Fixed a crash that would occur when using the 'New Tree Inventory' button from the quick add on the main tab screens.
Jul 1, 2022
New Features:
- Added the ability to filter internal notes(Client, Property, Report) by note tags.
- Added the ability to refresh all Clients or all Properties buy pulling down on each list in the main clients tab.
- Added the ability to refresh the details of a single client by pressing the icon in the upper right(similar to other info screens such as proposal, job, and property) of the ClientInfo screen.

UI Tweaks:
- Made some performance improvements to that way report tree items are saved.
- Client search will now include searching based on a contact name, contact phone number, and contact email. This change will work best for residential clients who have a single Client->Property->Property Contact relationship.
- Instead of only displaying internal notes tagged with 'JOB NOTES' the JobNotes screen will now have default tag filters applied which will only display 'JOB NOTES', but those filters can be cleared if the user wishes to see all notes.
- Editing internal notes of all types is now disabled when the user does not have the proper permissions.

Bug Fixes:
- Fixed an issue with pagination on the PhotoLibraryScreen. The same photos would repeat endlessly on some devices.
- Fixed an issue when mounting the SendEstimate and SendInvoice screens that would result in an app crash on some devices.
- Fixed an issue that would allow the user to be in both Add Mode and Edit Location Mode at the same time on the Property/Proposal/Job map screens.
- Fixed an issue when refreshing the SiteDetailsScreen that would prevent the report and tree counts from being updated properly.
- Fixed an issue that would prevent the app from being able to open native phone/sms/email/web/map clients when needed.
Apr 28, 2022
New Features:
- Added support for internal note tags for both client and property notes.
- Property notes tagged with 'GATE CODE' will now also appear as a report note tagged 'JOB NOTES'
- Added the ability to locate a tree pin on any map by either the treeID or the report line number.
- Added the ability to filter trees on the JobMapScreen by having a GTC or PHC treatment.
- Added Rich Text features to the screens used to send estimates and invoices.
- Added new sections to the Drawer menu for Recent Properties and Recent Reports.
- There is now a button on all treatment list items that will display the treatment description when tapped.
- The JobMap will now restore from cold start if the app was closed(or reset) when on the JobMap screen. This feature does not require a internet connection.
- Added a button on the PropertyDetailsScreen(details tab) to send a portal link email to a property contact.
- Added the ability to view and modify labor hours in all the same places that the user could view or modify report treatment prices previously.
- Added a 'Complete All' button when a tree is selected from the JobMap that allows the user to complete all treatments at once without having to click each treatment individually.
- Added the 'Cycle Tree System' to all map, when a tree is selected the top portion of the tree details popup will now have a 'Next' and 'Prev' button that will cycle trees on the property.
- Added collapsible sections to the JobDetails screen's 'Tree Item Summary' section, each category section can now be tapped to expand the ToDo data into individual treatments in the category.
UI Tweaks:
- Switched the pin styles used on the JobMap screen. A square pin will now denote that all work has been completed, and a triangle pin will indicate that more work needs to be completed.
- When using filters and lasso on the JobMap the counts displayed in the footer will now only include ToDo and done counts when the treatment matches the current filters.
- Added back house numbers to the main property map.
- Added the ability to lasso groups of trees in work mode to get more information about their completed status
- Added the ability to complete work on trees selected by the lasso tool through a new sub-menu that is accessible in the JobMap footer.
- Upcoming Jobs on the dashboard is now filtered based on the logged in user.
- Added refresh buttons to the JobDetails, ReportDetails, and SiteDetails screens. These can be used to quickly refresh all data on the page.
- Updated blocked permission warnings on both camera and photo library. Previously the camera and photo library screens would seem like they were not functioning when really the user had denied the app permission to use them.
- Added Ability to add more photos photos on iOS when there is 'limited' selection. Tap the photo icon in the upper right when you would like to select more photos, afterward pull down the screen to refresh the images with the new selection.
- The lasso tool on the JobMap has been reworked to function with the new MapBox map.
- The JobMap can now display all tree pins, not just the ones on the report(the current default is still only the ones on the job, use the filters to change this). Trees that are not on the report will be gray and opaque.
- Added new filter option to the JobMap for filtering trees on/off the report.
- The hours for treatments will now display with the XXhYYm format instead of a decimal in the popup overlay when selecting a tree from the JobMap.
- Added a button at the top of the JobDetails screen that allows the user to open directions to the job's property.
- Many more...
Bugs Fixes:
- Many...

See in-app Change Log for full list.
Jun 1, 2021
New Features:
- Added the ability to use 'Itemized Services' when building proposals, this system is used to populate misc. line items on a proposal from a list of predefined services. Users with the proper permission can also manage these services from the app by creating, editing, or deleting them.
- Added a new section to the TreeDetails(preexisting tree) screen that will display a history of work completed on that tree.
- Added the 'Treatment Destination' system. User will now be able to set the default treatment destination(proposal or recommendation year) for a property.
- Added the 'Treatment Swap' system. When editing the details of a treatment on the TreatmentDetailsEdit screen(accessed through the TreeCreate or TreeDetails screens) it is now possible to swap the treatment to another treatment destination or delete it entirely.
- Added the 'Other Report' system. When viewing the TreatmentList for a tree each treatment will now display a list of other treatment destinations that share the treatment.
UI Tweaks:
- QuickAdd buttons from certain screens will now attempt the action automatically if the list they previously contained only had one option. Before a modal would slide up from the bottom with a list of options.
- 'Live Search' is now on more screens with a SearchBar, meaning as the user types filter text into the SearchBar the list below will update automatically as opposed to having to hit a submit button.
- Added some more polish to the TreePhotoSwiper screen, accessed when clicking a tree photo from various screens. There are now functional buttons for going forward and backward in the list or photos.
- The old TreePhoto screen has now been fully replaced by the newly created TreePhotoSwiper screen, the TreePhoto screen would only allow the user to view a single tree photo at a time.
- Added some logic to fix issues that would prevent edge padding from being properly used on some screens and devices. This should fix extra white space in the upper nav bar, the QuickAdd button being lower than the TabBar icons, etc.
- Overhaul of the ClientList, accessed from the 'Clients' tab on the main screens. The user can now view a list of Client or Properties more easily using the tabs at the top of the screen. The search results portion of this screen was also improved to include collapsible sections so that the user can more easily 'jump down' to the property results.
- Further reduced time between 'back' actions so that some power user will not see a debounce when navigating the app quickly.
Bug Fixes:
- Fixed a bug that would prevent the SpeciesList screen from going all the way back to the TreeDetails/TreeCreate screen after adding a new tree species.
- Fixed a bug that would prompt the user to confirm canceling edit on the TreeDetailsScreen even when no data had actually changed.
- Fixed a bug that would prevent tree pins from properly updating/deleting/moving after an edit with tree filters applied to the maps.
Feb 3, 2021
UI Tweaks:
- Rearranged the upper icon buttons on the ClientDetails and PropertyDetails screens to be more consistent with each other in terms of ordering.
- Disabled the search bar auto focus feature when mounting certain screens, the keyboard will no longer open automatically when navigating to them.
- Made some improvements to the AlphabetList on the right side of the ClientList, which allows you to scroll to the tapped letter's the section more easily.
Bug Fixes:
- Fixed an issue with the new app permissions for users with the crew lead role.
- Fixed an issue that would improperly use some testing verbiage when logging in or submitting a bug report instead of the production equivalent.
Jan 26, 2021
New Features:
- Added swipe to reveal delete button for yearly recommendations on both the TreeCreate and TreeDetails screens.
- Added swipe to reveal delete button for report treatments on both the TreeCreate and TreeDetails screens.
- Added new Client Notes to the ClientDetails screen.
- Added new Property Notes to the PropertyDetails screen.
- Added new SMS icon to each property contact that will allow user to open the default text client from the app using the contact phone number.
UI Tweaks:
- Yearly recommendations on both TreeCreate and TreeDetails are now separated into subsections by year(instead of a single multiyear list). Clicking one of these subsections will take you to the TreatmentList screen for that specific year(instead of defaulting to the current year, as it was previously).
- Expanded 'Tree Autofill'(when creating new trees) to include the 50 most recently added trees on a property instead of the 5 most recent.
- Expanded 'Recent Treatments' to include the 50 most recently added tree treatments on a property instead of the 5 most recent.
- Expanded 'Recent Species'(when selecting the species of new or existing tree) to include the 50 most recently added tree species on a property instead of just the 5 most recent.
- All sections that include notes will now also have autocorrect/predictitive text included when typing.
- Notes sections will no longer require confirmation when attempting to 'clear' previous notes.
- When using the 'User Location' button to focus the map on the users current position the map will now also zoom in at the same time(instead of using the current zoom level when the button was pressed).
- Increase map pin clustering threshold from 50 to 250 trees.
- Include the TreeID in each 'Tree Item' on the Report Details screen
- Increased Tree Photo compression when syncing, should help speed up the sync process when uploading a large number of photos.
- When using filters on ReportMap or the JobMap to filter trees with certain treatments, results will now be additive and not subtractive, meaning you will now see all trees with a Crown Clean and all those with Aphid Treatment, not just those with a Crown Clean AND an Aphid Treatment.
- Various screens that include a SearchBar will now also work when searching for an ID(proposalID, clientID, propertyID, etc.)
- Various screens that include a SearchBar will now automatically open the keyboard with the search bar focused when first navigating to the screen.
- Treatment, Proposal, and Job pricing will now be hidden from users with the 'crew' role.
- Added a 'cancel' button to the top of the keyboard on iOS that opens when using a SearchBar, making it easier to close when a search is not desired.
- Added the treatment name to the top on the Edit Treatment Screen(the one that allows the user to edit the price or enter a treatment note).-
Bug Fixes:
- Fixed an issue that would prevent the quick add menu(large plus button in lower right on many screen) from properly closing when pressing the backdrop.
- Fixed a bug that would prevent the 'User Location' button from using the correct position is some cases.
- Fixed an issue with the Lasso Tool while also using tree filters, only filtered TreeIDs will be copied/exported when combining these features.
- Fixed an issue that would occasionally result in an app crash when editing the Species, DBH, or Rating of a new tree.
Oct 23, 2020
- Map filters added to the PropertyMap, ReportMap, and JobMap. Use the button in the upper right side of these maps to filter tree based on species, dbh, ration, treatments, etc.
- Added map pin clustering to the PropertyMap, ReportMap, and JobMap. This is an optimazation intended to improve performance on properties with many trees. Pins that are close together will be grouped into a single pin(that displays the number of pins under the group) based on the map zoom level. These pins can be tapped to automactically fit the map to the clustered pins.
- Added the ability to edit the name of a proposal from the ReportDetails screen by tapping a new edit(orange) icon next to the name.

UI Tweaks:
- Increased height of upper nav bar buttons(back button, drawer menu, etc.) to help with taps.
- Added 'Clear Notes' buttons to the notes sections of various screens including TreeCreate, TreeDetails, ReportDetails(notes tab), and TreatmentDetails(treatment notes).
- Added a 'Pull Down' feature to refresh data on various screens. These screens include UpcomingJobs, Alerts, Activity(dashboard, client, site, etc.), ReportList(all reports, client reports, property reports, etc.), and InProgressJobs.
- Added new buttons at the bottom of some 'create' and 'edit' screens for saving, deleteing, etc. The new button simply add a secondary way to complete these forms and mirror the preexisting buttons in the NavBar.
- Removed the expandable feature from the map tool bar(the map overlay with buttons for map type, lasso tool, current location, etc.) on all maps, all buttons will now be displayed at all times.
- Map pin clustering will now only occur on maps(PropertyMap, ReportMap, and JobMap) when there are fifty or more tree pins being displayed.
- Added a new map toolbar button(the map overlay with buttons for map type, lasso tool, current location, etc.) that allows disabling of map pin clustering when desired.
- The 'Tree Attribute' section will now be displayed above the 'Treatments' and 'Recommendations' sections on the TreeCreate and TreeCreate screens.
- When adding a new tree to a property the location 'crosshair' will be automatically be added at the center of the map initially, instead of requiring atleast one tap. Moving the crosshair after this initial placement will function as before(with a tap or drag).
- Added additional button titled 'Last Tree' when adding a new tree to either the SiteMap or the ReportMap. This button is a shortcut to use autofill data of the last added tree without having the navigate the full autofill list.

Bug Fixes:
- Fixed a bug that would prevent the 'Autofill' button from automatically appearing after creating a tree on a property with no previously saved autofill data.
Aug 21, 2020
New Features:
- Added new 'Treatment Note' system, a treatment note can be included when added or editing(from the same screen used to edit the treatment price) treatments on proposals or jobs.
- Added 'Treatment Note' indicators on various lists that display the treatments on proposals or jobs, these are included on the TreeCreate, TreeDetails, ReportDetails and the popup when tapping a tree from the ReportMap and JobMap.
- Added special 'Treatment Note' highlight on ReportMap and JobMap tree pins. When a tree is on the current proposal/job, and has a treatment with a treatment note, the pin will have a purple highlight to indicate the note.
- Added a new 'View Notes' button to the popup when tapping a tree from the ReportMap and JobMap. This button will open a popup modal that displays all treatment notes currently on the proposal/job for that tree. This is intended as a quick way for crew to view treatment notes while on site.
- Added 'Lasso Tool' on the SiteMap, ReportMap and JobMap screens. This tool will allow the user to select a group, or groups, of trees and create a list of TreeIDs. Currently the TreeID list can be copied to the clipboard, or sent to the default email client.
UI Tweaks:
- Added new buttons to the list of report trees on the ReportDetails screen. One button will take the user directly to the TreeDetails screen(instead of having to find it on the map first), and the other will take the user to the ReportMap with the tree selected automatically.
- Added some help text below both the inputs sections for Tree Notes and Treatment Notes, that explains their usages.
Bug Fixes:
- Fixed a bug that would make it difficult to click the price(to change it) from the TreatmentList screens, the tappable area has been enlarged.
- Fixed an issue that would result in an app crash when some client or property info was missing.
- Fixed an issue that would cause some users to get stuck at the loading screen after logging in.
Jul 28, 2020
- Added logic to prevent the device from sleeping when running the tree photo sync from either the left drawer menu or when syncing report tree photos before sending a proposal/invoice. The device will sleep normally in all other cases.
- Added new button to the main QuickAdd menu(available from the four main tab screens) for 'New Tree Inventory', this button will take the users directly to a property map in add tree mode after selecting the client/property.
- Added 'Recent Treatments' to screens used for adding recommendations and treatments to trees, the five most recently added treatments will appear in a list at the top of the screen.
UI Tweaks:
- Added better help messages to the version checker system that runs when opening the app to ensure users are on a recent app version.
- Increased the overall size of navigation icons(back button, hamburger menu button, etc.) by 15%, as well as increased the width of the back button's container(the tappable area around the icon) to make them easier to click.
- Increased the frequency in which the back button can be pressed, previously 1000ms, now 500ms. This system is designed to prevent the user from tapping the back button more than once before actually going back a screen(resulting in multiple queued back actions). It has been adjusted to better fit some power users.
- Added IDs(ClientID, PropertyID, TreeID, etc.) to various screens where they were missing, this will aid in communication with us when referencing a specific client, property, report, or tree.
- Redesign of tree details popups(when tapping a tree from one the map screens) to include more information and to have more space for treatments/recommendations.
- Added a better error message when a login error occurs, also added an email link to contact support should problems persist.
- Made larger portions of the rows on the TreatmentList and ReportTreatmentList screens tappable when trying to select/deselect treatments.
- Added better message when uploading tree photos to remind the user not to manually put the device or sleep, or move Treezi to the background.
- The 'Forgot Password' button on the SignIn screen will now open the default web browser to the forgot password form.
- Fixed an issue that would allow the users company name to spill from the drawer menu and cover the back button.
- Fixed an issue that would cause the 'Sign Out' button in the new left drawer menu redesign to be behind the swipe up indicator on some iPhones.
- Fixed an issue that would prevent the job's details from properly updating after editing a tree from the JobMap.
Jul 7, 2020
Added pinch to zoom, tap to focus, exposure slider(use button to show slider), and white balance options(use button to cycle options) to the TreeCamera screen.
Added navigation buttons to the left drawer menu that allow the user to return to any of the main tab screens(Dashboard, Client, Reports, and Schedule) more easily.
Added a new button to the left drawer menu for contacting Treezi support, currently will open the default mail application of the device.

UI Tweaks:
Redesign of the left drawer menu's layout to be more user friendly.

Bug Fixes:
Fixed an issue with tree photo sync that occurred after updating the app while there were unsynced tree photos added on a previous version.
Jun 19, 2020
New Features:
- Added map pin clustering to the main dashboard map(the one that shows all properties), pins are now combined into a single marker with a number when close together based on the map zoom level.
- Added the ability to add recommended treatments by year(current year, plus three additional years) when creating or editing tree details.
- Added the ability to add tree treatments directly to proposals(draft, sent, and current proposal) when creating or editing tree details.
- All tree photos will now need to be synced manually after adding images to a new tree or updating the images on an existing tree. The sync button is located in the left drawer menu. This should help users who were experiencing issues when saving trees while on cellular or other(slow) networks in the field.

Feature Tweaks:
- Map pin optimizations on the various maps(DashboardMap, SiteMap, ReportMap, and JobMap), this should improve map performance greatly for properties with 500 or less trees.
- The clint type select list is now sorted alphabetically by name
- The user will be given the option to sync tree photos on a particular proposal/job when clicking the 'Send Proposal' or 'Send Invoice' buttons. Unsynced tree photos will not be shown on emailed proposals or invoices.
- The tree autofill system will now also include the proposal treatments and yearly recommendations of the most recently saved tree of the same species.
- The 'Use Current Location' button will no longer autofill using data from the last saved tree. Use the 'Autofill' button instead.
- When using the main 'Sync Photos' button the user will now be warned if attempting to sync while not connected to WiFi or faster connection.
- With the addition of proposal treatments and multi year recommendations, tree treatments will no longer be added directly to a proposal automatically. Use the 'This Proposal' section instead.
- More info will now be displayed in the upper nav bar when viewing a proposal/job, client, or property. I.E. Property name, client name, etc.
- The drawer menu icon will now be displayed on more high level screens, instead of just the main tab screens(Dashboard, Clients, Reports, Schedule).
- The drawer menu icon will now display a secondary icon to indicate that there are currently unsynced tree photos.
- Alert badges(small counts displayed on some buttons) will now be displayed with orange coloring to differentiate them from other(less important) badges.

Bug Fixes:
- Fixed bug that would result in an app crash when loading the Dashboard Map with one or more properties that was missing a property name.
Nov 27, 2019
- Increased size of the right and left nav bar icons by 30%, to allow easier clicks.
- Increased size of list items in report special action menu(currently only convert to job), to allow easier clicks.
- Changed the verbiage on the activity screen timestamps to be more descriptive of the event being displayed. E.G 'Sent by:' or 'Invoiced By:' instead of simply 'Modified By:'

- Fixed an app crash when using the quick add button on the 'Schedule' tab.
- Fixed an issue with the scheduling date/time selectors when device is in dark mode.
- Fixed an error that would continuously display the loading indicator on the 'In Progress Jobs' screen when there were no job to display.
- Fixed an issue where the confirmation modal for 'Convert to Job' was sometimes improperly displayed.
- Fixed an issue that could prevent a password reset email from being sent when using the 'Forgot Password' button.
Nov 6, 2019
- Added a calendar view on main schedule tab for viewing jobs with specific job dates.
- Can now schedule approved jobs, or edit the job dates of a scheduled job from the Job Details screen.
- Can now send the client a email notification when scheduling a job
- Can now 'Force Start' a job from the Job Details screen.
- Added a 'Forgot Password' button on the login screen.
- Species select screens now display up to five recently used species for a property.

- Species select screens will now update as the user types into the search box(live search).
- Treatment select screens will now update as the user types into the search box(live search).
- After saving a residential client the app will go straight to the Property Details screen.
- Added a button in the top left of the main tab views to open the left drawer menu.

- Fixed some margin errors on 6.5" iPhone devices.
- Fixed a typo on the Alerts Screen.
Nov 6, 2019

treezi FAQ

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Check the following list to see the minimum requirements of treezi.
Requires iOS 13.0 or later.
Requires iPadOS 13.0 or later.
iPod touch
Requires iOS 13.0 or later.
treezi supports English

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