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AR Radar - location via camera Description
Have you got lost, chosen the wrong way and cannot understand where you are? Do not panic, now you can quickly find the answer. We have a cool app for you, to handle this easily. Meet AR Radar - the app of the future, navigation in your hand. With it, you will no longer wonder, «Where am I?» or «How can I explain where to find me?»
Ordinary maps with geotags are so difficult. Standard Maps app makes no understanding, too. You open Google Maps, and get lost, because it is not clear where, in which direction to go. In addition, this strange compass! In the end, you go sure thinking that you are about to come to the right place...and then you realize you took the wrong way.
Do not make things complicated, and simplify your life. By installing AR Radar, you get into the amazing world of augmented reality. Now we explain what it is, no panic.
Let’s model the situation. Your friend has the AR Radar app installed. In order to know his location, he must open the application and send you geotag via any convenient messenger. In turn, you open the message, and link leads you to AR Radar app, which displays the location of your friend. What should be done next? Still simple. You place the phone in portrait mode, look at the camera of the phone and then twist the gadget around (that is how the app learn locality). And you will see the AR mark already in your camera. It looks like this: AR label is superimposed on the real picture and displays the direction, friend’s name, how many meters or kilometers you should go to him, as well as other information that is contained in the geotag. Cool, huh? We like it, too!
«What for do I need it?» - you may ask.
Well, listen. Sometimes you come to another city and wander about the city without any thought where to go or look for the planned meeting place. That’s when AR Radar can help you. The finish points will be found in a minute by using it.
You will not get lost in an unknown area any longer, as you will easily navigate and understand where to go. Unfamiliar cities are open for you now, feel free to go on a journey. Just charge your phone and install AR Radar.

Day off, you are going to the countryside to your friends, and it seems like you know the route, but a couple of kilometres from the end point you wonder «How can I find my friends?» AR Radar will be solution again. You will be given the geotag, the way will be found and you will start having fun.

By the way, it perfectly helps at the time of being at concert or some large-scale conference, You have at hand a kind of «friend finder». You were with friends together and then lost them. So, now it is not the problem to find each other. You know clearly which app you need...Definitely, AR Radar.

Other situation, you arrive at the airport, go outside, and then you need a car to go to the hotel. You send the taxi driver a mark where you are, and he quickly finds you and takes away. Cool, right?

Forget the phrase «I don’t know the route, meet me» or «I don’t jnow where I go and will probably get lost». With our application that won't happen any longer. You will feel free even in an unfamiliar city.
How to use?
Using the application is easy and clear. Even the kids can figure it out. Developers and designers have worked hard to create a convenient and simple interface.
Here are some tips, they can be useful.
Firstly, install the application. Everything is clear, the button download and it is done.
Secondly, open the application and use. Registration? There is no need. Application is available without it.
Thirdly, while in the app, send the tag to your friends via any messenger. Friends will be able to see where you are now with your device camera. You are not just a spot on the map anymore.

We want to say that this is quite interesting, cool and extraordinary application. See for yourself!
AR Radar - location via camera 0.29 Update
2019-07-24 Version History
In the new version, minor bugs were fixed and improvements were made
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