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2.10.3for iPhone, iPad and more
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Palaver IRC الملصقPalaver IRC الملصقPalaver IRC الملصقPalaver IRC الملصقPalaver IRC الملصق

About Palaver IRC

Palaver es un cliente moderno de IRC para iPhone e iPad que presenta una interfaz de usuario única la cual hace del uso de IRC un placer. Adaptada perfectamente a sus dispositivos móviles siendo posible utilizar Palaver en dispositivos de gran tamaño como iPad, o de camino a cualquier parte con iPhone. Palaver ha sido desarrollado teniendo en cuenta a los usuarios de IRC más modernos. Nuestra app proporciona soporte para IRCv3, integración ZNC, notificaciones push, y mucho más.


- Interfaz rápida e intuitiva.
- Autocompletado para apodos, canales y comandos.
- Highlights y menciones personalizables con alertas y vibraciones.
- Soporte completo de SASL para identificación segura de redes tales como Freenode.
- Amplio abanico de temas y estilos para elegir.
- Integración con ZNC.
- Notificaciones push (con un módulo para ZNC, ver:
- Sincronización de preferencias a través de iCloud.
- Compatible con IRCv3.
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تحديث لأحدث إصدار 2.10.3

Last updated on 08/10/2021
الإصدارات القديمة
Corrección de errores y pequeñas mejoras de usabilidad.
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Version History
Corrección de errores y pequeñas mejoras de usabilidad.
Corrección de errores y pequeñas mejoras de usabilidad.
Bug Fixes

* Prevents ZNC Playback messages from showing up in other IRC clients when connecting with Palaver.
* Add support for additional character sets, such as GBK. Including a `/charset` command to set charsets for the current network.
* Exclude ZNC buffextra playback as showing as unread messages. Messages from buffextras no longer contribute to the unread count.
* Fixed problems with IRCv3 monitor support where receiving multiple online nicks at once wouldn't be respective in the UI.
* Improves interplay with Palaver message completions with Chinese inputs.
- Hitting return on external keyboards will no longer trigger auto completion of nicknames, instead return will send the message. On hardware keyboards, use tab can be used for completions instead.
- To save mobile data/bandwidth, image previews will now prompt for confirmation if the file is larger than 1MB on mobile data, and 10MB for Wi-Fi.
- Add support for the buffextras ZNC module.
- Includes improvements to the image picker when uploading images.
- Enable nick actions menu (including options for whois) for your own nickname.
- Prevent a crash when opening the user actions menu from the nick list on iPad.
- Persists the light/dark theme appearance on iOS 13 when overriding system defaults app launches.
- Fixes a bug where certain messages could not be send with a /me command due to the incorrect detection of arguments.
- Show the full mode-line during `/mode` requests, prior the modes was not presented in response shown in the query.
- Fixes a crash on older iOS versions when timestamps were enabled.
- Prevents devices going to sleep when you are idling in a channel on iOS 13.
- Includes system memory, battery percentage and CPU count in /sysinfo.
- Added the ability to override the system appearance to force dark theme mode without system dark mode on iOS and iPadOS 13.
- Added a new "Tomorrow Bright" theme.
- Added /whowas and /who commands.

### Bug Fixes

- Fixes a bug while parsing a channels mode line which resulted in showing incorrect mode states in the channel details.
- Prevents a possible crash when using /nowplaying when Palaver doesn't have permissions to access your music media library.
- Problem with the "Scroll Down" button on query where it was shown incorrectly under some circumstances.
- Ensures push notifications will continue to work after migrating Palaver to a new device.
### Enhancements

- Dark mode support in iOS 13.
- Support for multi select messages by swiping with two fingers.
- Added /ns and /cs aliases for NickServ and ChanServ.
- Added previews for YouTube links.
- Added ability to set ident via /set.
- Added support for IRCv3 Draft "setname" - You can now update realname for existing connections on supported servers.
- Performance and stability improvements.

### Bug Fixes

- Improve /set command error messages for unknown networks.
- Various fixes to ensure selected query in query list is updated, we will now scroll query list on iPad to make selected query visible.
- Added a preference to prevent the message input bar from expanding.

/set ui.auto_input_bar_sizing false

- Added key command cmd + k for clearing all messages from a query.

- Added alternative key command alt + up/down, and alt + shift + up/down for
navigating queries.

- Added slash command for sending notice messages.

- Added a preference to change charset used for encoding and decoding messages:

/set{network name}.encode_charset UTF-8
/set{network name}.decode_charset UTF-8

### Bug Fixes

- Fixes a potential crash when sending an image with "Link Previews" enabled
while connecting to a network that supports labeled-responses.

- Ensure that the query name in the list of queries is deselected when going
back to the query list on iPhone.

- Make sure the current message is included in the message history when using
arrow keys to cycle through messages.

- Using `/mode` will now show the modes set in current channel.

- Palaver is now localised into Italian! We've also included numerous improvements to our Dutch and Spanish localisations.

Bug Fixes

- Keyboard in the channel list view now dismisses when pressing search button.
- Prevent an occasional crash that occurred when replying to messages delivered through push notifications.
- Fixed a problem where the image previews in image upload would not show the images.
- Disconnecting from an IRC network will now prevent connecting. Previously disconnect would wait for connection to timeout.
- The timestamp format now respects locale, if you have the system set to 12-hour time this will be represented in Palaver. You can `/set ui.time_format HH:mm:ss` to force 24-hour time in Palaver.
- Long pressing a URL in a query buffer will now allow you to copy and share the URL.

Bug Fixes

- Prevent a potential crash while using the djb2 nick colour hash algorithm when receiving long messages.
- Persist automatic night threshold preference, this setting was not being saved and thus had no effect.
- Handle invalid IRC Colour codes in received messages.
- Improve automatically switching between light and dark themes based on brightness while the system keyboard is open.
Added support for the new iPad Pro.
Palaver 2.8.1 is a minor update that brings some new options:

* Whether Palaver shows the unread count for a channel can be configured. You can now disable the unread count for specific channels you do not want to follow closely.
* You can now configure Palaver to send unknown slash commands directly to the server.

This update also brings support for using znc-playback with ZNC 1.7
This release introduces smart search! You can now search message from the query list and use filters to refine results like "from:", "to:", "is:mention", and "is:unread".

Additional Features:

- We've also added the ability to log into Imgur so image uploads happen from your Imgur account.
- You can now change a channel's topic in the user interface without having to use the `/topic` command.
- We've massively improved the layout of Palaver on the iPhone X.
Palaver 2.7.5 fixes some minor bugs.
Palaver 2.7.4 increases application stability and fixes some minor bugs.
Palaver 2.7.3 increases application stability and fixes some minor bugs.
We've made a lot of minor user experience tweaks and fixes to improve using Palaver.
We've added various new configuration options in the /set command including the ability to set a command to run during app launch or while connecting to an IRC server. This release also includes a number of stability and usability enhancements.
We've added support for drag/drop on the iPad Pro along hiding the query list. Palaver will now show unknown IRC numerics in the network console so you don't miss any important server output. You can now swipe a query right to mark it as read.

Palaver has undergone a lot of internal changes under the surface to make the application more solid and improve our internal IRC client. We've squashed various bugs and improved our IRC compatibility (we have better support for servers using CASEMAPPING).
Changes in 2.6


* You can now quickly add popular IRC networks in the Add Network screen.
* Message previewsfound in notifications can now be disabled in the application settings.
* You can now copy, share and export multiple messages by holding a message and tapping "More" inside a query.
* Revamped how notifications are displayed and notifications are now shown in-app so you can quickly see and response to messages in other queries.
* Channel topic can be found in the channel details screen.
* When a message fails to send, you can tap to try and resend the message.


We're committed to IRCv3 and pushing IRC forward. We've added support for some new IRCv3 capabilities:

* CAP v3.1, CAP v3.2 and `cap-notify`
* `echo/message` (providing `labeled-response` is available)
* `batch`
* `chghost`
* `invite-notify` - You can now see when other nicks are invited into a channel.
* `MONITOR` - Allows us to efficiently keep track of which nicks are offline and online in the query list.
* `draft/sts` - Palaver will respect any strict transport security policies an IRC server advertises.
* `draft/labeled-response`

New Commands

* ``/cycle`` - Cycle allows you to part and rejoin a channel.
* ``/raw`` - The raw command allows you to send raw unmodified IRC messages to the IRC server.
* ``/debug`` - Opens a new debug query showing all of the raw IRC messages.

Bug fixes

- Fixed some problems with auto-connect when Palaver is resumed from the background.
- Nickname completions will now update the nickname to complete the same case nickname.
- During dark mode while scrolling up in a query, we will now theme the scroll down button.
- `/join` command will now jump to the joined channel.
- We now show when a nickname you are trying to use is erroneus on the given IRC server inside the networks console.
- Various improvements with the night time theme in Palaver, message selection and URLs are now more prominent.
- When the font size is changed, we now update existing messages to use the new font size settings.
- Nickname completion with third-party keyboards improved.

- You can now respond to a message directly from a notification providing you are still connected to IRC.
- New TLS connection information, you can tap the IRC Network name inside the IRC Network query to see information about the TLS certificate chain.

Bug Fixes

- Title of the queries list will now include the unread mention count.
- Fixes issue where registering the device for push notifications would no longer work.
- Fixes some problems with reordering queries where some queries may appear as duplicated while being reordered.
- Improves compatibility with some IRC servers while sending certain raw IRC commands such as `/sajoin` and `/samode`.
- Palaver will now use less device memory.
- Prevents discarding unread mentions when the device runs out of memory.
- Prevents opening a query on top of another when opening Palaver from a notification.
- Other minor performance improvements and bug fixes.

- Peek and Pop is supported for all links and queries.
- `/clearall` command, allows you to clear all queries in the network.
- `/readall` command, allows you to mark all queries in the network as read.
- `/closeall` command, allows you to close all queries in the network.

Bug Fixes

- Huge improvements to VoiceOver support.
- Fixes problems while connecting to IPv4 IRC networks over IPv6 cellular networks which resulted in a connection error.
- Huge speed improvement while loading large and fast IRC buffers.
- Many more fixes and enhancements to improve the stability of Palaver.
Palaver 2.5 includes some big changes on how we store messages. You conversations will no longer be cleared when restarting the application. When you open Palaver, all of your existing messages will be available so you don't miss a thing.

We've also made various usability and interface tweaks to improve the day-to-day experience of using Palaver along with adding some much desired power-user features. We have significantly improve the channel settings page to include new controls to view and change channel modes.
This update brings larger text size options and the ability to use system text size. We've also fixed various bugs on iOS 9 and improved compatibility with iOS 8.

Palaver IRC FAQ

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Requiere iOS 10.2 o posterior.
Requiere iPadOS 10.2 o posterior.
iPod touch
Requiere iOS 10.2 o posterior.
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