Rise - Archery Scoring Tracker

Rise - Archery Scoring Tracker

Track your archery development

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About Rise - Archery Scoring Tracker

The cleanest and most intuitive archery tracking app on the App Store, and the only place to track your development and connect with other archers.

Rise is an archery scoring app designed to help you to track your archery development with advanced charts and statistics. Whether you’re shooting at your local range for fun or gearing up for international competitions, Rise makes it easy to save your sessions, set goals, and get instant statistics each time you practice.

• Text and target face score recording options
• Target faces for USAA, NFAA, 3D (ASA/IBO/OPA), and Imperial scoring
• Practice, scoring, arrow counter, and Olympic Round modes
• Create an account and access your archery data from any supported device
• Profile customization with name, division, and profile photo
• Connect with other archers and share your recent sessions
• Preloaded with USAA indoor and outdoor rounds - or create your own custom rounds!
• Autosave feature that lets you pick up where you left off
• Advanced statistics for every saved scoring and practice session
• Group scoring rounds together when they’re part of a tournament or to view group statistics
• Add notes or tags to each session to track form changes, shooting conditions, injuries, etc.
• Filter by distance, loadout, date, and tags
• Create multiple loadouts for your different setups or bows, apply them to history items, and view loadout-specific statistics
• Save and track your goals
• Delayed camera feed for viewing your form as you shoot
• Built in Countdown timer to help practice shot timing
• Simulate a competition environment by scoring against Rise Bot, whose scores are based off your own recent performance
• Support for metric and imperial distances
• Support for light and dark modes
• Export a saved scoring round as a CSV or PDF
• Export your entire shooting history as a CSV

Rise is constantly growing, and new updates are always in the works! If you have any questions or want to suggest a feature, please email us at support@risearchery.com, or follow the Facebook page, Rise - Archery Scoring.
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تحديث لأحدث إصدار 4.4.2

Last updated on 03/05/2024
الإصدارات القديمة
• Fix: Fixed a crash when accepting an Olympic Round challenge
• Fix: Cleaned up a couple UI bugs
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Version History
• Fix: Fixed a crash when accepting an Olympic Round challenge
• Fix: Cleaned up a couple UI bugs
• Fix: Fixed delay when loading Olympic Rounds screen
• Fix: Fixed a bug where the score for a tournament wasn't updating after deleting a round linked to the tournament
• Fix: Some small UI tweaks
• New: Ghost Competitor! Take your scoring sessions to the next level by competing against Rise Bot, whose varying difficulty levels are tailored to your own performance
• New: Imperial Rounds! Toggle the new Imperial Round option when configuring scoring, practice, and OR sessions to use 5-zone scoring on the 10-ring target face
• New: Rushmore Rumble target face! Added support for this NFAA 5-spot target face
• Fix: Fixed a crash that was occurring when trying to delete a custom scoring round from the Home Screen
• Fix: Tournaments now show associated city when displaying available tournaments to link to a completed scoring round
• Fix: Fixed a bug seen when viewing your own activities where the target face for the round sometimes wouldn't be displayed
• New: Forgot to link your scoring round to a Tournament? When editing a completed scoring round you can now find and add a tournament to your scoring round, or remove a linked tournament
• Fix: Fixed a bug where the X's count wasn't updating properly while scoring with the Inner 10 option
• Fix: Fixed a bug where the 9's count wasn't updating properly while using the Target Scoring option
• Fix: Fixed a bug where the 10's and 9's counts on a completed session were sometimes displaying inaccurate numbers
• Fix: Fixed a crash that occurred in certain cases when opening the Notifications screen
• Fix: Fixed a bug that in rare cases would cause a crash when deleting a completed scoring round
• Fix: Minor performance improvements
• Fix: Minor UI improvements
• Fix: Fixed a bug that caused the app to crash on launch for some users after updating to version 4.3.2
• New: Local weather conditions! You now have the option to save local weather conditions for all scoring and practice sessions with new Weather statistics viewable on the Round Stats screen for each newly completed session
• Fix: Improved initial load time for new users and new devices
• Fix: Fixed some dark mode UI bugs
• Fix: Minor performance improvements
• New: A new Linked Tournament section on completed scoring sessions now shows what tournament the session is linked to
• Fix: Fixed a bug from version 4.3.0 that prevented some changes to completed scoring sessions from being saved
• Fix: Fixed some UI issues related to switching between dark and light mode
• New: Olympic Rounds! You can now challenge your friends to tournament-style elimination rounds
• New: Tournament Pins! Collect virtual tournament pins when you enter scoring rounds at supported tournaments
• Fix: Fixed a bug that sometimes caused the app to crash when attempting to delete sessions from the History screen
• Fix: Fixed a crash that occurred in rare cases during the sign up process
• Fix: Fixed a crash that could occur when trying to save sessions following a faulty account creation
• New: Arrow size selection! Choose an arrow size in target setup to more accurately reflect the size of your arrow holes on the target face
• New: Archivable scoring rounds! You can now hide the rounds you rarely use to tidy up your scoring rounds list
• New: Friends Activity Feed! Check out the new activity feed on the Social tab to see the recent activities of everyone you follow
• New: Shareable profiles! You can now copy and share profile links
• New: Notifications! You can now turn on push notifications to get alerted when you have new followers
• New: Custom and field rounds can now be added to your favorites
• Fix: Fixed a bug where the Inside-Out X's count wasn't showing up in Text Scoring
• Fix: Fixed a bug where tapping Undo in a custom round in specific cases wouldn't remove the arrow mark from the target face
• Fix: Fixed a bug with resetting the title of a scoring round or history item to its default title
• Fix: Fixed a bug with archer divisions sometimes not getting set properly
• Fix: Fixed a rare crash-inducing bug when switching between scoring different rounds
• Fix: Minor UI fixes and updates
• New: 3D target face support! Added a universal 3D target face that can be selected in Target Setup, with ASA, IBO, and OPA scoring options
• New: Field rounds! You can now create create field courses and save the distance and target name for each target as you progress through a course
• New: Inside-Out X's! For our NFAA archers, Inside-Out X's can now be tracked with both target and text scoring on NFAA target faces
• New: NFAA Inner 6's! Also for NFAA target faces, toggle the Inner 6 option in Target Setup to score X's as 6 points
• New: Added more age divisions for men's and women's recurve, barebow, compound, and fixed pins
• New: Added support for 1 and 2 arrow ends
• New: Magnify mode for target face scoring now shows where the arrow mark will be placed
• Fix: Clearer target faces! Zooming in on target faces is now crisper than ever
• Fix: Fixed a bug where target data from NFAA target faces wasn't being reflected properly on the statistics screens (If you've had this issue, recalculating statistics from the settings menu should now fix it)
• Fix: Fixed a bug where rounds created within a new Custom Round were given the same name as the Custom Round
• Fix: Fixed a bug where the account privacy setting sometimes got reset to on after being turned off
• Fix: Target scoring performance greatly improved
• Fix: Updated the Target Setup UI for scoring and practice rounds
• New: Archer search! Find friends and connect with other archers on Rise
• New: Private accounts! Now that Rise is becoming more connected, you can choose to keep your profile private so that your profile photo and activity feed are only visible to you and those whose follow requests you've approved
• New: Activities! Choose to share your practice and scoring sessions on your activity feed
• New: Public activity feeds! Check out what other archers have been up to, and congratulate them on their recent accomplishments
• Fix: Minor performance improvements
• New: If a round isn't showing up on the History screen after completing a session, the History screen can now be manually refreshed by dragging down
• Fix: Fixed a visual bug with arrow positions not being properly plotted on the vertical 3-spot target face in a completed session
• Fix: Added an alert that will notify you when your session expires and you need to log back in to reauthenticate
• Fix: Fixed a bug where arrows scored on a target face would sometimes mistakenly be scored as a miss
• Fix: Some small performance improvements
• New: ¡Bienvenido! Added support for Latin American Spanish
• Fix: Fixed a launch crash due to a bug some users encountered when updating from 2.6.2
• Fix: Fixed a crash users encountered in rare instances when entering an arrow count from the history screen
• Fix: Fixed a bug users encountered when leaving the notes pop up after finishing a session
• Fix: Squashed some other small bugs
• Fix: Fixed a bug where a resumed custom round was sometimes missing arrow data
• Fix: Fixed a bug that resulted in a crash on launch for some users
• Fix: Fixed a bug where the arrow distributions per end charts weren't showing up outside of Stats Comparison
• Fix: Fixed some text formatting bugs
• New: Account creation! You can now create a Rise account and back up all of your archery data to the cloud
• New: Device sync! You can now log in to the same account on multiple devices and new progress or updates will be synced to your account from any of them
• New: Multiple user profiles! Once you've created an account, you can log out and log in to another account with ease
• New: Minimizable sessions! While a Rise session is in progress you can swipe down or tap the collapse button to minimize it, letting you check your history or browse the rest of the app
• New: Countdown timer! Start a timer while scoring or practicing to replicate a competition environment, or access the timer as a standalone tool from the Training Tools section
• New: Arrow distributions per end! When viewing or comparing individual scoring round statistics, you can now view your shot distribution and its centroid for each end
• New: Compact history items! Toggle Compact Mode from the settings menu to view more items on the History screen at a time
• New: Set your division! On your profile you can now select the division you compete in
• New: Default profile photos! You can choose to use the default photo that's associated with the division you select, or upload your own profile photo
• Fix: Fixed a bug where some Settings menu colors weren't updating properly when toggling color mode
• Fix: Fixed a bug where the Inner 11 option was instead displaying "Inner 10"
• Fix: Fixed a crash that sometimes occurred when editing a custom scoring round
• Fix: Fixed a crash that sometimes occurred when animating number incrementation
• Fix: Fixed a crash that sometimes occurred on the Loadouts screen
• Fix: Multiple small performance improvements
• Fix: Fixed bug with dates being incorrectly displayed on some screens for some users
• Fix: Fixed a bug that caused History items to be sorted oldest to newest
• New: Willkommen Deutschland! Added German language support for archers in Germany and those with their device's "Language & Region" setting set to German
• New: Average total score per month chart! You can now see how your average total score is changing each month for each distance you shoot
• Fix: Fixed crash that some users encountered on home screen when tapping a scoring round
• Fix: Improved performance on Statistics screen
• New: Magnifying glass! Holding down on a target face now brings up a magnified view to help you more accurately mark your arrows
• New: Form checker! With this video capture feature (accessible from the profile screen), you can use the front facing camera on your phone to capture your shot cycle with an adjustable delay
• New: Editable arrow count details! Tap on any completed arrow count on the history screen to edit the date/time, specify a loadout, or add tags
• New: Arrow count creation! Prefer using a manual arrow counter? Now you can log an arrow count by tapping the plus sign next to the Arrow Count section on the history screen
• New: Editable loadout names! Change a loadout name and it will be applied to all items with that loadout
• New: Full screen scoring round progress charts! Tap the expand button next to the total scores chart on the statistics screen to view the chart in full screen, where you can zoom and pan across all of your scoring round totals
• New: Lifetime arrow count charts! Tap the expand button next to any monthly arrow count chart to view your lifetime arrow counts rather than just those of the past few months
• New: Added some light haptic feedback for certain actions, which most notably improves the arrow counter experience
• Fix: Navigating the settings and profile menus is now much faster and more intuitive
• Fix: Greatly improved performance for target face scoring and practice sessions
• Fix: New and improved UI for the scoring and arrow count items on the history screen
• Fix: Fixed an bug where the navigation item for the current screen wasn't visible in light mode
• Fix: Fixed a bug that caused Rise to crash for some users when tapping on history items
• Fix: Fixed a bug where the "total time spent practicing" statistic was displaying the total time spent scoring
• Fix: Fixed a bug that caused an immediate crash for some users upon launching Rise
• Fix: Fixed a bug that caused a crash for some users when opening the Statistics screen
• Fix: Fixed a bug that caused a crash for some users when opening the History screen
• Fix: Some minor aesthetic fixes and performance improvements
• Other: Dropped support for iOS 14 and below
• Fix: Removed Halloween spider animation
• Fix: Minor compatibility tweaks
• Fix: Fixed a crash that occurred immediately upon opening the app on certain devices
• Fix: Fixed a bug that caused a crash when trying to set a loadout for a history item
• Fix: Fixed a bug that caused a crash on certain devices when trying to edit the date of a history item
• Fix: Fixed a bug where the text on the profile screen would disappear after selecting a new loadout
• Fix: Fixed calculation of average ring color for NFAA and Field target faces
• New: Loadouts! You can now create multiple loadouts from the Profile screen, set a current loadout, and view loadout-specific statistics. This is perfect for those of you who shoot with different indoor and outdoor setups, or have multiple bows.
• New: Tags! You can now create tags from the Profile screen and apply them to completed scoring and practice sessions on the History screen. This is a great way to quickly note down key elements related to your shooting session.
• New: Added support for 4 arrow ends!
• New: Moved the Goals section to its own dedicated screen. Get ready for goals and goal progress tracking to improve a lot in upcoming updates :)
• Fix: Text Scoring has been greatly improved! Editing previous arrow values is now much more streamlined, and some bugs related to updating cell colors and the total score value have been fixed.
• Fix: Fixed an issue where previously scored arrows sometimes wouldn't be displayed when resuming a scoring round following a crash.
• Fix: Fixed a crash that sometimes occurred when editing the date/time for a completed round.
• Fix: Fixed a bug where rounds on the history screen were sometimes displayed out of order. They will now always be displayed by date in descending order from the most recent date.
• Fix: Fixed a crash that occurred when trying to create a grouped history round without any rounds selected.
• Fix: Fixed a crash that in rare cases occurred while viewing certain graphs on the statistics screens.
• Fix: Made the "X" button placement consistent across all screens.
• Fix: Fixed a bug that sometimes caused a crash when resuming a round in progress
• Fix: Fixed a bug that sometimes caused a crash when a user tried to start scoring a custom round
• Fix: A pop-up now alerts you if you try to delete a scoring round from the History screen that's currently part of a Grouped Round

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