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Art of War 孫子兵法

Art of War 孫子兵法

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Art of War 孫子兵法 Description
孫子兵法 Sunzi on the Art of War (漢英對照版 Chinese-English Edition)
孙子兵法 Sunzi on the Art of War (汉英对照版 Chinese-English Edition)

- 美國 App Store 書籍類精品聚焦第五位 (2011年10月20日)
- Featured #5 in What's Hot in Books at USA App Store (Oct 20, 2011)

Built-in “one-touch conversion” between Simplified and Traditional Chinese characters.

本書的正文分為三部份, 分別是漢英對照、中文原文、英文譯文。
This book is divided into three parts, namely the interleaved Chinese-English correspondence, the Chinese original, and the English translation.

中文原文相傳為2500年前的著名軍事家孫武所著, 英文譯文則來自於英國漢學家 Lionel Giles 先生所翻譯和評注、並在100年前出版的著作。
The Chinese original was attributed to the famous Chinese military strategist Sunzi, better known as Sun Tzu, around 2,500 years ago. The English translation was extracted from a book with both translation and commentary published 100 years ago by the sinologist Lionel Giles.

本書的編者嬴實先生對原文逐字逐句精心校對, 調整了標點符號和分段, 從而優化了漢英文句的一一對應。此外,又以漢語拼音替代了譯文原來的 Wade-Giles 拼音。
The editor of this ebook version, Stone Ying, did a careful word-by-word proofreading of multiple variations of the Chinese original, and corrected some punctuations and paragraph divisions so as to optimize the Chinese-English correspondence. Moreover, the Wade-Giles romanizations of Chinese names originally appeared in the English translation were replaced by their modern Hanyu-Pinyin equivalents.

本書適宜精讀, 以領悟孫子兵法的智慧, 亦有助提高讀者的英語水平和理解文言原文的能力。
This book is intended for intensive reading in order to comprehend the wisdom of Sunzi. It will also help you improve your reading comprehension in both English and classical Chinese.

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Art of War 孫子兵法 1.2 Update
2013-08-27 Version History
- Native support of iPhone 5 (Retina 4-inch) 的原生支持
- Finer grain control of font sizes 字體大小的更細化級別控制
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