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ARUKUと『松本』歩こう! Description
Located in the center of Nagano Prefecture
Matsumoto city which developed around the national treasure Matsumoto castle.

Application 【Let's walk with ARUKU! 】so,
"Gaku-to” (「岳都(City of mountain climbing)」「楽都(City of music)」「学都(City of study)」) "Would you like to explore Matsumoto?

Start of publication of "Cialthon" information to be held throughout the country!
· Information on Cialthon that will be held throughout the country in cooperation with the local Cialthon Association.
· In addition, we will start posting information on the past Cialthon.

Cooperation with "Azumino Free Wi-Fi" started!
· It corresponds to "Azumino Free Wi-Fi" deployed around Azumino, Omachi and a free Wi-Fi spot of a sponsorship store.

Nagano Trip 'n Travel Japan' s Center Point! Register as official support application
· Nagano Prefecture's inbound group "Nagano Trip 'n Travel Japan' s Center Point!" Was registered as Japanese official support application!
In future, we will provide you with various information of Nagano Prefecture together with Nagano Trip 'n Travel Japan' s Center Point!

"You can set it to the destination of car navigation using DENSO Corporation's application" NaviCon ". ".
· We have started collaborating with Denso Corporation 's application "NaviCon".
You can set the destination from this application with NaviCon compatible car navigation system and installed car model.

Partnering with "Matsumoto Knife Show 2017" this year too!
· Also held this year "Matsumoto Knife Show 2017".
We will continue to disseminate information at any time!

Various events and tie-ups! It is!
· Tie-ups and introductions such as "Matsumoto Knife Show" and big events and store-level events gathering from inside and outside the prefecture! It is!
Tie-up as event venue guidance application!

Matsumoto City Official Character "Alp Chan" Appears! It is!
· Annotations of Alp-chan's monuments and related facilities etc.
Alp-chan image (basic form) will be! It is!
· If you press and hold an arbitrary place, the annotation displayed is
Alp-chan image (banzai) will be!
※ We have obtained permission from Mr. Matsumoto City Hall Policy Department Culture Promotion Division.

Yamagata Village Official Character "Ya Machi" appears! It is!
· An annotation of Ya Major monuments and related facilities etc.
It will be an image or a basic image (basic form)! It is!
※ We have obtained permission from Yamagata Village Chamber of Engineering.

Fairy who supports agricultural products in Azumino City! "Azumi-sy (Papi-Pi, Appu Furui, Luo Snow, Waiting)" has appeared! It is!
· Announcement of Azumi-zu monuments and public facilities in Azumino city etc.
It will be Azumi-zu picture (SappaPhi, Apufuuru, Luo-sun, one of the basic form of Wa!)!
※ Agriculture Administration Division of Agriculture and Forestry Department of Azumino City Hall and Mr. Azumino City Agricultural Reconstruction Association approve permission.

Let's see Matsumoto's location! It is!
Sequentially correspond to location locations such as!
* Except for some, the contents of the contents are given permission from the Matsumoto Tourism Convention Association of the general corporation corporation.

Route search with one touch! It is!
· "Easy route" button to each facility from current location
You can search the route with just one touch!

Display detailed information! It is!
· Sights, museums, museums and various stores
You can browse detailed information, photos, menus, coupons, sites etc!

【Walking with ARUKU! 】 Will support Matsumoto City and Azumino City, Shiojiri City, Omachi City, Yamagata Village and more around the Matsumoto stroll more fun!
ARUKUと『松本』歩こう! 1.8.1 Update
2017-09-16 Version History
· Add some annotations
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