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AtoZ Over Description
AtoZ Over is the best app in the market simply because it has 5 different modes in one app: Security Mode for your protection, Police Mode to keep bad guys away from you, Morse Mode to send messages by Morse, Prank Mode to play a prank on your family or friends, and Magnifier/Mirror mode to check your makeup and make sure you are awesome or to see very tiny objects even in darkness.

Core Features:
1. Security Mode:
In this mode, the app is used when you are concerned about your security. If you face a danger in the darkness while using the app, by tapping on “Emergency” button three times, two things happens at the same time: a text message including the coordinates of your current location under a comment like “Please come and help me” will be sent to the contact numbers pre-set by you. This is for letting your family know that something is happening to you and also where you might be at that moment.
The second thing happens is that the camera starts recording the scene so if something happens to you, others will be able to check the camera and find out. it can also be used as a document for you in the future if you need it, let’s say in the court, if something needs to be proved.
The other features of the app are as follows: exact coordinates and altitude of your location, screen options including candle, light bulb, and simple colorful screen lights all in different colors.

2. Police Mode
This can be used either in serious situations or just for fun. This mode provides police light, siren, and some police voices that have been recorded in real life. Variety of police light options have been provided to choose from. In the settings, you can choose either mono or dual color for the light. You can also choose the color\s of the light depending on the need; it might be set as police light but also can be set as warning or danger.
The police siren and light might be used to for emergency situations as a warning signal to let others know something is going on over that location. It can also be used for making bad guys afraid of police coming or being close to the scene. However, some people can use it just for fun and teasing their friends and scaring them by pretending to be police.

3. Morse Mode:
The Morse mode has been designed to send Morse codes by beeping and/or flashlight. User enters a word or sentence in the text box and taps on “Play” button. Then, app starts transmitting the message by beeping and or blinking. The Morse codes have been entered to the app to make it able to work like a Morse device. The speed of flashlight and beeping can both be changed in the settings of the app to help make it more understandable or faster to transmit.

4. Prank Mode:
This mode has been designed for fun only. In this mode, you can play a prank on family and friends and record a video from their reactions. Imagine you are walking with your friend in the darkness using this flashlight to see your way. All of a sudden, in the quietness and darkness of the night, your friend hears a loud scream and he freaks out. You never want to miss making a video of his reaction which is done automatically by the app. The app gives you variety of options for prank mode to choose, from zombies’ voice to a wild animal killing a human. There is another way also to make a video of your friends’ reaction. You can put your phone in a dark quiet room when your friend sleeping or being busy with something, and set it to play the prank with delay. You leave the room while the app on the phone is activated. After some time, a very scary voice or scream is heard and the front camera of the phone automatically records your friend’s reaction. You can watch it later and enjoy the prank video you have already made.

5. Mirror/Magnifier: is to see either yourself or tiny objects.
AtoZ Over 1.1 Update
2017-04-07 Version History
bugs were fixed and performance improved.
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80.8 MB
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