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Basic Detection Description
- application introduction
Basic detection is an application that helps users record and save brainwave data in real time. It can display 8 brainwave frequency bands, including delta, delta, delta, delta, delta and delta. Whether you are working or studying in your daily life, or you want to use it to record your concentration/relaxation state when you are doing something alone, you can use it to record your real real-time brain wave state, so as to help you make timely adjustments and improvements. What's more, it can compare any number of data sets you have saved, allowing you to see how your brain waves are changing in different jobs. It is a professional eeg data collection, analysis and recording tool. It is very suitable for urban white-collar workers to record their concentration and relaxation at work. It is suitable for students to study. The app requires the user to wear a series of BrainLink BrainLink head bands, which can detect the high-definition original brainwave information in the band above the left frontal lobe of the brain.

- functional features
1. Brain wave monitoring: EEG brainwave technology is used to record the state of brain activity;
2. Rapid recording: rapid recording of brain wave activity, reasonable arrangement of life and work;
3. Multiple brain waves: real-time monitoring and data comparison of the 8 brain wave states;
4. Data report: data report is saved and can be Shared with your friends at any time to pay attention to brain health;
5. Historical achievements: you can check the historical data report at any time, log in the account and keep it permanently;

- tip: you will need a BrainLink device to interact with the application.

- contact us:
Details about BrainLink's purchase can be found here:
WeChat official account: BrainLink
Sina weibo: @brainlink
Basic Detection 2.0.5 Update
2019-11-06 Version History
1.Add BRAINLINK_SW to Bluetooth connection
2.BrainLink_Lite connection repaired
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33.2 MB
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