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2.1 for iPhone, iPad

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Bot3D Editor - 3D Anime Editor Description
\\ A Revolutionary 3D Animation Editor! //

Isn’t making 3D animation hard? Not at all! This app offers everything you need at your fingertips!
There has never been such a simple 3D animation editor for smartphones and tablets of this quality.
Once you're finished animating, you can export and share your creation on social media.
Importing sound files makes lip-sync animations easy! Enjoy creating videos featuring vibrant 3D characters that talk and dance, putting together your own "virtual YouTuber" videos, and the freedom of recording your own voices and dressing up your characters.

Compatible with iPhone/iPad.
Supported Languages: Japanese and English


◆ Create poses freely. Animate them on the spot.
•Simple to use! Just create poses and make Keyframes.

•We have re-invented 3D animation on smartphones from the beginning.
Enjoy a completely new creative experience!

•Your body tilts when your arm is pulled, doesn’t it?
Our app uses a Full Body Inverse Kinematics Algorithm, which enables natural movements for its characters!

•Create characters with flowing hair that can lip-sync to recorded voices and express lively emotions!

•Sound data can be imported, so your characters can speak and dance, leaving you with infinite possibilities!

•Our charming characters were created by famous CG designers!

•Added Character customization function and a male character model!


◆ Our groundbreaking HandEditor
•The HandEditor enables you to create hand movements, finger movements, and even subtle joint movements!

•Our extensive experience in 3D sign language studies is the secret to our app's user friendliness!

•Extend and fold hands to make all kinds of gestures with only slide switches!


◆ FaceEditor
•From angry frowns to sunny smiles, you can make all kinds of emotions. Adjust grins to big smiles at your will!


◆ SceneEditor
•Zoom in and out, rotate and slide the frame.
Create awesome animations by moving the camera like a movie director!

•Backgrounds and the ground can be changed.
You can import photos from your Camera Roll!
Create your own scenes!

•Create vertical videos for smartphones, as well as horizontal videos perfect for social media!
Your creations will be saved to your Photo app, so be sure to share them on social media!


◆Character customization
•You have the freedom to dress up 3D model characters from head to toe. Feel free to mix-and-match different types of hairstyles, tops, bottoms and shoes. Customize your selections by taking advantage of the coloring feature.


◆Live Recording
•In LIVE, you can create real-time videos that can record fun VTuber lives by moving the character using the abundant motions created in Bot3D Editor. All functions are now open in the campaign! (Until the end of December 2019)

•The head track allows you to freely control the character's neck movements with your own movements. While talking in real time, let's move the character by tapping the motion buttons and facial expression buttons in a timely manner.

•When you talk to the microphone, the character lip-syncs accordingly.

•In addition, the camera angle, background, telop, BGM, and sound effects can be switched freely with a button tap.

•You can register the motions created on the POSE screen to the motion buttons! Have fun with your original movements!

•Once you have selected a variety of production functions and dressed-up characters, create your own live videos!

※We recommend using a device with iOS12 or later.

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Bot3D Editor - 3D Anime Editor 2.1 Update
2019-10-09 Version History
•Added a live recording function that allows you to record animations in real time. You can move the character happily while talking to create a video in real time and post it on YouTube.
-A function that exports a scene that you are operating on the screen to a movie file.
-The head track allows you to control the character's neck movement in real time. TrueDepth Camera compatible models respond to the front / back, left / right, and tilt of the neck, and models that do not support TrueDepth Camera respond to the left / right, tilt of the neck.
-Real-time lip-syncing of characters by input voice.
-You can add motions to the character with the touch buttons. All motions in the motion library can be used, and custom motions created by users can also be used. You can also use the head track during playback motions. Also, you can assign any color you like to the motion buttons.
-Various facial expressions and moods can be attached to the character by touch buttons.
-Custom character change function on the LIVE screen.
-You can freely add background images (scenes) / telops / sound effects (SE) / BGM from the library as a studio set. These studio set items can also be operated with touch buttons.
-Reflecting the rotation of the smartphone in the virtual world (VR function)
-In addition to the camera switching function (long / middle / up), there is a user camera registration function.
-Live camera swipe rotation / pinch zoom / two-finger panning.
-A function that turns the character's line of sight toward the user.

Enjoy creating animations!
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325.7 MB
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heuristic Inc.
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