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Boto the Pink Dolphin 2 Description
Pumping Creativity! Jumping Recognition! A Prodigal Educational Game App: "Boto the Pink Dolphin!" Created by specialists in child education

■ What is "Boto the Pink Dolphin"?

① This app helps your child read along and listen to an exciting story of adventure while playing the associated game in order to enhance recognition ability and creative learning.
"Boto the Pink Dolphin" is an educationalist-made application in eBook format, which tells the story of various dolphin characters and their under-the-sea adventures. Children will be thrilled to listen to this exciting story and play along with the developing storyline. The caption and voice actors' narration is provided in English, Japanese and Korean in order to help children cultivate reading skills and experience in foreign languages.
② This is a learning and playing application produced by juvenile educationalists for creative-prodigal education.
"Boto the Pink Dolphin" provides a creative-prodigal educational curriculum made by the educationalists and researchers at the Children Creativity Institute. It is a story in game format with fun characters for playing and learning.
③ With its learning feedback system for parents, this app enables them to identify their own child's learning performance, development criteria and teaching methods.
"Boto the Pink Dolphin" has six stages. Each stage gives instructions for learning (recognition ability and creativity) and guidance. At the end of every stage, you will see your child's grade. The sixth stage specifically involves creative drawings which help your child to develop fluency, flexibility, sensitivity, sophistication, originality, etc.

■ Boto 2 "Shark, the Pirate and the Crystal": Learning contents by stages

① Recognize outlines and silhouettes: Let's find matching silhouettes of Boto and his friends.
- Enhance imagination that infers the silhouettes into a real shape of Boto's friends
- Enhance perception by comparing parts
② Puzzle: Let's put the pieces of the broken castle gate back together
- Enhance spatial perceptive ability to understand shape, figures and locations of pieces
- Enhance the ability to assemble the components into a complete whole (Puzzle): Let's put the pieces of the broken cookie together.
③ Intuition (comparison/understanding of shapes): Let's compare and set the characteristics of heads, bodies, and tails of ghost whales.
- Enhance intuition in order to compare the features of parts in a whole subject
- Enhance the ability to identify colors and shapes of objects, and integrate parts into a whole unit
④ Attention & agility: Let's cross the lava cliff with various figures as fast as possible.
- Enhance agility to respond to visual stimuli quickly
- Enhance the ability to understand different figures in complex situations
⑤ Logical thinking, concentration: Let's win the battle of rock-paper-scissors against Shark the Pirate and his gang.
- Enhance logical thinking to analyze victory and defeat enemies in rock-paper-scissors game
- Enhance the ability to understand and concentrate on the rock-paper-scissors game
⑥ Creative drawing: Let's use various lines and figures to express fresh and colorful ideas on the scratchboard.
- Enhance children's creativity through drawing lines and figures
- Draws ghost whales, the castle under the sea, and marine friends on the scratchboard
(fluency, flexibility, sensitivity, sophistication, originality)

* Korea Creative Content Agency, selected business to advance to Japan: Entered into KDDI au Smart Pass
* Korea Creative Content Agency, selected business for beta test in the United States market: User test of the US passed, great compliments on the characters!
* National IT Industry Promotional Agency, selected business for the US market advance: Entered into the US market
* 2014 TOKYO GAME SHOW attendance
* 2014 ITS GAME SHOW attendance
* 2014 Good Game Show attendance
Boto the Pink Dolphin 2 1.0.1 Update
2014-10-17 Version History
Change the policy of initial language setting.
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