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Calf Health Scorer Description
The Calf Health Scorer App was developed at the University of Wisconsin School of
Veterinary Medicine. The app uses a graphical interface to evaluate calf health based on scoring selected clinical parameters developed and employed by Dr. Sheila McGuirk. The clinical parameters are nasal discharge, ocular discharge, ear position or head carriage, appetite, attitude, coughing, rectal temperature, fecal consistency, naval characteristics and appearance of the joints. Assigned scores range from 0 to 3 as the clinical sign progresses from normal to very abnormal.

Results from lung ultrasonography, as described by Dr. Terri Ollivett, can also be recorded. Lung ultrasound scores are 0 – 5. Scores of 0 – 1 are considered normal. A score of 2 indicates the presence of a lobular, or patchy, pneumonia. A score of 3 - 5 is indicative of a more severe lobar pneumonia. Specifically, a score of 3 means that only one lobe is entirely consolidated, whereas a score of 4 means that two lobes are entirely consolidated, and a score of 5 means that three or more lobes are entirely consolidated. Ultrasound scores of 3 and greater suggest the presence of bacterial pneumonia.

To screen calves, the user enters the calf id and birthdate, then scrolls through successive screens with pictures or word descriptions for scores 0, 1, 2 or 3 for each clinical parameter. After a score is selected, the screen is refreshed with the next clinical sign until all parameters have been recorded. The user saves the calf record with a button touch and is then ready to score a new calf. The data can be emailed to any interested party or shared with the specialists at the UW School of Veterinary Medicine.

Data lists generated include all calves scored, calves that may warrant treatment and calves that should be rechecked or monitored.
Calf Health Scorer 1.1.0 Update
2017-12-06 Version History
Compatible with iOS 11.
Allflex and Tru-Test electronic id reader compatiblity. Added Spanish(MX) and German (Deutsch) localizations.
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