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Calling Number Description
can query the number attribution, tag information (fraud, harassment, real estate agent, spam, etc);
fast scanning and capture the 2D code / barcode content;
capital currency conversion function;
license plate number attribution to inquiries;
collected more than N common numbers;
can most comprehensive Surnames / Pinyin.

Phone ring out?

Ie immediately after the phone ring out with special equipment for the group dial automatically dial the designated number or paragraph number to dial, displayed on the victim's cell phone or landline phone number to hang up, then usually only produce a fixed or mobile phone ringing sound. After the number of victims of such fee back or detained, or hear the various types of advertising.

SMS Spam?

The first category: the "type of harassment," for a number of silly pranks, send multiple phone number or PHS number;
The second category: the "type of fraud," such messages is to trick users into more money, such as the winning message, send the number to more mobile phone or PHS number;
The third category: the illegal advertising messages, such as the sale of the black car, like a tranquilizer gun, sending more phone number or PHS number;
The fourth category: SP (Short Message Service provider) mass violations, misleading custom SMS, send the number of multi-SP access code, usually four digits. Send number regardless of the network outside the network, both by the number of China Unicom mobile users to send, but also outside of the area Unicom number sent by the user.
The fifth category: Curse of type text messages, and more such messages to allow more users to be forwarded for the purpose of swearing threatening SMS receivers according to their will to make involuntary behavior.

400 telephone fraud?

To consult, call toll-free 400 hotline, most recently, more and more domestic case shows that a lot of users because of the wrong faith "400 calls" and deceived. 400 telephone inducements "special fares", "Telecommunications arrears", "car tax", "winning network", "mobile phone winning", "6 +1 winning", "bank card consumption" and other information lure the victim of fraud bait cases are showing a rising trend.

1, do not overdo 400 calls, for this reason the application procedure is so simple, resulting fraudsters can easily subscribe to a "400" phone, and the phone is associated with their use, so as to achieve the purpose of fraud.
2, many industry experts have reminded the public not to have too much trust 400.
3, due to regulatory loopholes, so telecom operators is not responsible for 400 cases of telephone fraud, consumers are being deceived as encountered after the 400 call ordinary telephone fraud cases, it is unable to claim against the carrier.
4, so the best way to prevent 400 calls that consumers be vigilant. "Do not buy a phone with 400 at the beginning of the plane ticket." Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications Kan Kaili said so.
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