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Carrots&Cake: Parental Control Description
Finally, a parental control that ACTUALLY works! Carrots&Cake provides a powerful science-
based system that encourages kids to develop a healthy relationship with their screens, making
screen time more productive and less addictive.
Carrots&Cake brings the age-old parenting technique, ‘Eat your carrots, and then you can get
some cake’ to life. This transformational app allows you to limit/take back control of your kids’
devices while giving you the opportunity to:
• Put your kid’s education first
• Build healthy screen time habits 
• Boost learning potential and improve education quality outside the classroom
• Take advantage of the vast selection of educational apps for kids now available
• Enjoy that all-important quality family time away from the screens
How does it work? This parental control app allows you to choose your unique list of stimulating,
educational content that your kid must complete BEFORE they get rewarded with entertainment
options they enjoy!
That’s right, long gone are the days your kid would spend hours watching Youtube or playing
addictive games like Roblox or Minecraft. Instead, they can only unlock the limited time given for
these apps by completing their learning activities first. 
Plus, it’s super easy to use and set up in 3 simple steps:
1. Select educational apps 
Choose the educational apps you want your kids to engage with. Then, set the minimum time
your child should spend on each of these apps.
2. Select blocked apps
Choose which apps/categories should remain blocked (such as all games, entertainment, app
store, and browser) when the educational apps are in use.
3. Set reward time 
Select an appropriate reward time for completing the educational activities. During this reward
time, all blocked apps will be unlocked and available for use. 
At the end of the reward, your child will be able to access three 5 minute extensions. Once these
have been used up, the device will automatically lock the selected blocked apps until the next
day. However, the educational apps will still be available for use.

Limit screen time and take back control of family life the right way! 
We understand that as parents, it’s hard to control your kids’ tantrums when they whine for their
device, and the easiest option that’ll calm them down is to give in and hand it over. However, this
encourages them to continuously associate the device with the dopamine-fuelled feeling of fun
and excitement - which can ultimately lead to screen time addiction.
As we live in a technological world, we know eliminating your kid’s digital interactions is
unrealistic and unproductive. However, Carrots&Cake’s screen time control helps to find a
healthy balance by setting control limits and making kids EARN the reward of playing games

There are now more educational apps for kids than ever before. No matter what your child's age
or interest may be - they can find an app that will provide them with hours' worth of learning! But
getting kids to engage with these apps has not been an easy task, until now.
Go beyond the average app blocker apps and download the Carrots&Cake parental control
iPhone app. Calm the chaos without feeling guilty. No more tantrums, no more mindless
YouTube or gaming. Just worry-free screen time that’ll give your kids a secret edge by exposing
them to great learning. Limit your child’s screen time effortlessly and effectively, and enjoy those
quality family moments away from the screen using Carrots&Cake.

*All users that download the app now will be able to trial our current and future features for free,as we work to deliver on full product stability and functionality. We would also appreciate any feedback that you may have, and will be reaching out to you to understand how we could make your experience better. For any issues or enquiries during the app set up, please do not hesitate to contact us at and our team will get back to you promptly.
Carrots&Cake: Parental Control 1.0.5 Update
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