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Have you every been in a shop in a foreign land and wanted to buy some clothes but all the numbers are meaningless? The numbers do not match what you are used to? Yes, well welcome to the wonderful world of clothing sizes around the world. Each country seems to have its own system of classification of sizes. Nothing is standard. What do you do? The answer is this App. You know your size in your country and you know what to buy so what is the size in the country you are in. This App makes it very simple to find the answer.

Enter the country you know your size, enter the country you are in, the type of clothing and the size in your country and the App generates the size in the country you are in.

Unlike other Apps this one does not restrict you in the numbers that can be entered. You can enter any value you want and this App will translate it. The answer may not make any sense as far as clothing sizes go but at least you have an answer.

e.g. In the US your shoe size is 7 but your in France and the shoe sizes have completely different numbers. So, enter the US and the from country, enter France as the to country, select either male or female shoes as the type and then type 7 in the size field. Select OK and there is the answer: for women the answer is 37.5 and for men it is 39.

The reason for the difference is that in the US a woman's size 7 is not the same as a man's size 7 but in France their system only has one set of numbers so the value for the man has to be larger to reflect the larger size of the man's shoe. Who can remember all of this? I can't and neither should you have to. This App can remember all of this information and it is available at your fingertips.

Remember: This App is a guide to the number you want. Unfortunately, as you probably know different manufacturers have differing ideas of how large something should be. This App can only guide you towards the correct size, you may be either side of the value given.
Clothing Sizes 1.2 Update
2017-08-24 Version History
Some tweaks to the calculations mainly to do with European Shoe sizes to US Shoe size.
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