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Cold Approach: Pickup & Dating Description
Imagine having superpowers with women.
Imagine approaching any beautiful girl and effortlessly seducing her.

Pickup artists worldwide have made those dreams a reality by mastering a specific set of skills.

You could be just like them.

Why keep getting rejected, ghosted and flaked on over and over again?

You do not have to remain stuck.

I was in that same situation for years.
Online dating “gurus” had me believe that I only had to approach enough women, with no real structure or method to the madness.
Hundreds of approaches later, I had very little to show for it.

The truth is if you want real results you have to get scientific.
This means constantly testing new things out, keeping what works and discarding what does not.
To do that, it is vital to keep a rigorous and systematic log of every minute detail of every approach.

I only managed to break through my plateau after spending endless hours writing down notes in painstaking detail and analyzing them.
As my notes grew in size, the process became more and more cumbersome and time-consuming.
I needed an easier and more systematic way of doing things.

This was the beginning of Cold Approach.

Cold Approach streamlines capturing your approaches on the go, in high fidelity, so you never have to forget any detail.

It aggregates your data so you can objectively track your performance and monitor your progress.


• Browse through a timeline of all your saved approaches grouped by day.
Approaches are summarized as cards highlighting their most vital details.
• Tap a card to view the full details of an approach, edit it or delete it.
• Search or filter through your timeline.
• Track a weekly goal of approaches to reach.

Capture the details of a new approach or edit an older one.

This screen is split into six sections:
• CONTEXT covers the circumstances of the approach.
• OUTCOME covers the results of the approach.
• NOTES lets you add text or voice notes.
• PROFILE/BIO lets you set the personal information of the girl you approached as well as add photos.
• DATE & TIME lets you set the date and the time of the approach.
• LOCATION lets you set the name of the venue and its GPS location on the map.

• Challenge yourself to approach a certain number of girls in a limited time.
• Get a summary of your performance at the end of every session.

Analyze your progress, sticking points, strengths and weaknesses by breaking your data down and visualizing it in different ways:
• In graph form (line or bar graph) or as a breakdown of stats.
• By day, week, month, year or totals.
• As numbers or percentages.

Focus your analysis even further by applying a wide array of filters.

• Set a weekly goal of approaches to perform.
• Enable motivational notifications pushing you to take action towards your weekly goal.
• Back up all your saved approaches to your Dropbox account.


Cold Approach has been officially recommended by James Tusk, Daygame & Dating coach. Here is what he had to say about one of its earliest versions:

It has been a year and a half since.
During this time Cold Approach underwent a massive redesign with the help of hundreds of pickup artists worldwide.
It has matured into the ultimate pickup mentor.

So why keep investing in more coaching, online courses and bootcamps when you could take your results to the next level for a fraction of the cost, at your own pace and leisure?

If all Cold Approach did was help you get just one quality girlfriend or got you to overcome just one sticking point, would it not be worth it?

A life of ultimate confidence, abundance and success with women awaits you.

You can choose to get there the long and painful way or you can save yourself years of blind trial and error.
It all comes down to how much you value your time.

Get Cold Approach today and take your first step on a journey towards mastery.
Cold Approach: Pickup & Dating 3.1.0 Update
2019-08-16 Version History
VERSION 3.1.0:

• Google Drive backups are now supported. Head to the Settings screen and choose to back up your data to your Google Drive or your Dropbox personal account.
• Improved responsiveness of pickers in the Performance screen.
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