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CommuniTrainer Description
The first app designed to train and improve communicational skills.
Can be used as helper in icebreaker exercises and into focus group sessions.
CommuniTrainer is perfect for use in Leadership, Management, Brainstorming, Team-buliding, Training Sessions as well as into Business Meetings. It is aimed to professionals as well as the large public with interest in improving communicational performances in their specified domain and/or subject.

Managerial meetings, Buzz-groups, Task-force, Brain-storming meetings, Sensitivity 'T'-group meetings, Intra-departamental meetings, Executive Committee, Board of directors meetings, Advisory committee, all of them can be assisted by Communitrainer App.

Who is knowing best the subject of the meeting? Does you or them know it better today than you or them did a week before? Who is contributing the most with ideas? CommuniTrainer can help to understand which is true, and ultimately help to improve communicational skills for a team and/or an individual in a team.

By measuring the speech duration of each participant during a meeting discussion, CommuniTrainer can track oral communicational performance by capturing every conversational interaction and can present this information instantly in an easy to understand manner.

In education, our app can track improvements into performances for any candidate that is preparing his/her finals for tests that imply oral communicational skills. It can be used in Group Study and exams mocking by up to 6 students and can track improvements in one or several subjects at their choice.

Research in psychology and/or neuro-psychology could benefit also from the use of this open-ended application that can be installed on the iPad, iPod, iPhones

CommuniTrainer is perfect for use in Leadership, Management, Businesses, managerial meetings, buzz-groups, task-force, brain-storming meetings, sensitivity 'T'-group meetings, intra-departamental meetings, executive committee, board of directors meetings, advisory committee, all can be assisted by Communitrainer App

Understanding the intricate interactions in a team building meeting or during training sessions with multiple participants for business purposes is a key for success. Communitrainer is making possible for users to deliver measurable results instantly. Our app is designed to assist with improving an individual's or team's presentation and communicational skills during coaching and/or leadership training sessions as well.

CommuniTrainer measures, in fine detail, the duration of communication for each participant and calculates the percentage split between each other in any given meeting discussion. Using this information, speakers can improve their oral communicational interaction skills, assisting them in captivating every audience they stand in front of alone or as a team.

Features Include:
* Log up-to six individual Speakers
* Session naming, including a handy description
* Easy to use layout and buttons
* Speech duration for each Speaker
* Percentage spoken for each Speaker
* Chronological Speaker splits

Feedback on our app is very important to us, so keep in touch & tell us about your experiences.

Please Note:
No personal information is collected via this app. Voice Recording of meetings is not possible and it will not be.Ever.
Mobile/WiFi is only required should you wish to Rate our app, or Email us.
CommuniTrainer 1.0.0 Update
2014-06-15 Version History
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7.7 MB
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