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Convict Conditioning - Vidoes & Lessons Description
1 HD prisoner fitness teaching video, easy to develop strong muscles;
2 Not lack of beauty perspiration comes down like raindrops, companions, and girls to exercise together;
3 elegant weight recording function, the results of exercise every day at a glance;
4 free software, no advertising;
[Abstract] [Abstract]
1 prisoner six type ten fitness exercise, step by step, easy fitness;
2 beauty fitness Master interaction in physical exercise and accompanied by a beauty;
3 record the daily body weight, generate the weight change curve, and provide the scientific training data;
Prisoner fitness
Author Paul Weed spent 19 years in the United States, the most brutal prison in the United States, gradually digging out of a set of the most ancient fitness.
Paul Weed gave us a very clear and effective fitness system, not only have a strong body weight exercises, but also have a solid training philosophy. Read bar.
Pavel Tsatsouline, "naked warriors" author
This book can be for their own weight training "name". The knowledge is both rich and accurate, both old and new, in contrast, live in the modern civilization of our bodies and forces of the illiterate.
- Cook Gray, the founder of the "functional movement system"
You provide the body, this book provides the rest of everything, tell you what to do, how to do.
-- Christensen Loren, the author of "the body of a soldier"
This knowledge has been verified through the most rigorous and has survived. Respect them, use them, and you will be more powerful.
Brett Jones, Russian Kettlebell master
Great! The history of the most original fitness book. It provides a complete set of "control over your body" for anyone (regardless of their health).
Tim Larkin, close combat expert guidance
About power, this is a landmark book. Although there are a lot of books about "self weight exercise", but few of them focus on real strength training. This is not another of the teach you to do 100 push ups, but a teach you do single arm inverted support, a single squat legs and one arm pull up to the book. Seen these things only in comic books? You can take them to your world now.
I put some of the techniques used to my training, the bridge series and lift legs series of my strength to help a lot. I believe that this book is very valuable to the military instructors, wrestling coaches and martial arts guidance. I think it can let you have even spider man also dare not underestimate the power.
Adam T Glass, occupation strongman performer
For me personally or for my career, this book is exactly the right time, it gives me and members to provide a better and more effective training methods. If you want to make the physical training, you need this book.
- Ballantyne Craig, the founder of "volatility training"
Because of the title, I don't want to like this book, but I don't want to read it. But I not only like it, but also love it.
As a former gymnastics and gymnastics coach, use your body weight to take exercise for granted. After all, if you can't even use your own body, what do you do for your strength?
Wade into the core of "hardball fitness", which makes this book with the meaning of "epic". Anyone who is in love with the power of the people should know it.
Mark Reifkind, Kettlebell trainer
About self weight training, this book is full of the most powerful knowledge I have ever seen. I hope that when I was a wrestling hand, the hands of the [1] book. But more importantly, I will give the knowledge to my clients and children - I just admire it and trust it.
-- Even-Esh Zach, the author of "ultimate secret power"
Convict Conditioning - Vidoes & Lessons 1.0.4 Update
2016-08-03 Version History
Repair emergency bug;
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