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DDbricks Description
Fly into outer space and play DD Brick! DD brick lets you play a nostalgia brick hitting game like in the arcade from the old days.
DD Brick is very easy to play. You have a ball that you fire through the cosmos and break cosmic bricks in space. How cool is that! Every level has a number of bricks that you need to break to finish the level. For example, the first level you’ll need to break one hundred and fifty bricks. When the ball hits a brick or the three barriers around the space, it will bounce back. Your job is to prevent the ball from falling into the abyss by moving a bar at the bottom of the screen to bounce the ball back up. There is also a time limit on each level. If you didn’t break all the brick before time runs out you’ll lose.

Every time you break a brick, there’s a chance it’ll drop a special perk for you to collect. Just move your bar on the bottom to catch and you’ll get the power! There are many perks for you to collect. Shield gives you a  bar that stretches all the way, it will help you bounce the ball back even you didn’t catch it. Bullets will magically grow a gun on the two sides of your bar. The guns will shoot bullets that will break a brick on impact. The flame perk will turn your ball into a world-shattering asteroid. It will not bounce when coming into contact with a brick. It will just go straight through them like a hot knife cutting butter. There are some perks that help you directly, like the heart perk will give you one more life, but there is a limit of three lives. The clock perk will also add more time to the countdown. But not all perks are benefits for you. The minus perk will shorten the length of your bar, makes it harder for you to catch the ball. There are many more perks that are in DD Brick. come play and find out!

• Hit and destroy bricks in space!
• The player starts with three lives and two minutes
• Break all the bricks in the level to win
• The ball will bounce off the right, left, and top of the screen, but will not for the bottom part
• Move the bar at the bottom to prevent the ball from falling down
• Many different perks for you to collect and use
◦ Shield: Gives the fourth bar at the bottom for a period of time
◦ Bullets: Gives two guns to help you shoot bricks
◦ Magnets: It will help you to catch the ball easier
◦ Flame ball: Makes your ball go throw bricks instead of bouncing off
◦ Heart: Gives you one more health
◦ Coins: Gives you extra coins
◦ Lightning: Speed up the ball
◦ Clock: Add more time to the countdown
◦ Plus sign: Makes the bar longer, the effect can be stacked
• Minus sign: It will shorten your bar, the effect can be stacked
• Track your high score and show off to your friends
• No internet connection needed, play anywhere anytime
DDbricks 7.1 Update
2019-05-16 Version History
1. Fixed a bug that the game audio and sound effect would not play.
2. Update the bricks in the game to make them pop out more.
3. Change the flames into blue ones to feel like it's much hotter and more powerful than regular fire.
4. Update visual effect.
5. Minor bug fix and system optimization.
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37.8 MB
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Steven Harvey
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