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Deckmaster Description
Deckmaster is the most intuitive and powerful way to manage your Magic: the Gathering card collection. Price cards and decks, set up trades and wish lists, and visualize your collection like never before! Put your entire trade binder in your pocket!

This app is designed to answer the following common questions:
• How much is my collection worth?
• How much is this card worth?
• What are the cards I want to trade for?
• What is the mana curve for this deck?
• Is this deck properly balanced?
• How can I simply and clearly track life?
• How can I easily print proxies?
• Is this card legal in Standard/Modern/Commander?

• NO in-app purchases, subscription fees, or annoying ads!
• Intuitive and usable interface
• Get support and help right from within the app

Manage your collection:
• Card scanner quickly allows entry of M15 card frames and newer using the new OCR code in the bottom left.
• View cards as thumbnails, lists, or as-fan
• Unlimited number of containers and decks and include sideboards and maybe boards
• Move cards between containers and decks just as you’d move the physical cards (no loss of information when moving cards)
• Add personal notes to individual cards and containers
• Deck box creator allows you to style deck boxes in thousands of combinations
• Booster pack and Booster Box images to accurately represent your collection and pulls
• Import decklists in a variety of formats including Magic Online format
• Tap and hold cards to rearrange however you want

Search for a card:
• Includes all promo and token cards!
• Powerful search allows filtering by set, type, rarity, color, and more
• Full text search searches oracle text and even artist names
• Search all cards or just the cards in your collection

Get information:
• Quickly price cards and decks and even your entire collection!
• Beautiful high-resolution card art
• Download card, pricing, and images for offline use on iPod touches and to save cellular data charges
• Get mana curve and mana base visualizations
• Granular sort allows sorting results by color, rarity, type, set, cost, and more
• Test your decks with shake-to-shuffle
• Get oracle text and gatherer rulings and quickly look up card in Gatherer

Set up fair trades:
• Quickly set up trades to make sure a trade is fair
• See which cards you’re looking for across your collection
• Mark cards as foil and specify condition for accurate pricing and valuation

Augment your game:
• Beautifully simple easy to use life counter
• Coin flipper to quickly flip and see the results of multiple coin flips (Ral Zarek eat your heart out!)
• Easily print proxies for a deck or just cards you’re missing or want
• Export decklists to a variety of formats including Magic Online and Cockatrice

We have priced our app differently because we wanted to create a quality and full-featured app that didn't require nickel and dining people with in-app purchases. We wanted one awesome app you could buy once and wouldn't have to continue paying for. However, we may be changing to a subscription model since we do a lot of work to update the database with all the new cards, tokens, and promos. But get it now and we'll grandfather you in! Besides, we think this app is worth way more, and is a much better value than a holiday gift box or a single tournament entry!

Obviously we could use some help some marketing the app. If you’re good at graphic design and you’d like to help us market, we’ll give you a free promo code for the app! Send some sample work and ideas to for details.

We have lots of awesome features planned to come as well! You won’t want to miss out on new ways to play, trade, and draft your cards!
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138.3 MB
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