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Die gebräuchlichsten englischen Phrasal Verbs

Die gebräuchlichsten englischen Phrasal Verbs

Alexander Martirosyan

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Die gebräuchlichsten englischen Phrasal Verbs Description
The main trouble with English phrasal verbs is that they are very hard to memorize. This program is a result of over 10 years’ experience of teaching English. It was being tested during that period and has proved to be very effective. You progress through 3 stages of studying and memorizing phrasal verbs in different contexts and various situations, going over them again and again until they stick in your memory forever. Knowing very well how hard and boring this process may be, I have tried to provide you with a good portion of humour in each stage.

“The program is divided into parts (“units”) with 20 phrasal verbs in each of them. We tried to avoid long lists of verbs as they can be very hard to comprehend and memorize.
Each “unit” consists of 3 sections:
Stage 1. The “Phrasal verbs” section.
20 phrasal verbs with examples. You can listen to them by pushing the buttons with the “loudspeaker” symbol.
Each verb is illustrated to help you create a certain” image” in your mind. Visualization and emotional response are key factors in the process of memorizing.
Stage 2. The “Training” section.
A large number of sentences using all 20 phrasal verbs are in this section.
Firstly you see a sentence in your mother tongue and your task is to translate it into English using one of the phrasal verbs covered in this unit. Then you can open its English original by pushing “see the translation” button and check out how good your version is.
Then you proceed to the next sentence by either pushing the arrows at the bottom of the screen or just swiping. If you push the big “play” button in the centre the “automatic” mode starts. You hear the sentence in your mother tongue and then in English. The time gap between them is set on “0” by default, but you can regulate it in “settings” - (Pause between phrases in “Training” section). Making the pause longer gives you some time to compose your version of translation in your mind before you hear the sentence in English.
Using two buttons at the bottom next to the big “play” button you can make these sentences come non-stop and at random. This will turn the app into a perfect training machine that can be used anytime and anywhere you want while driving or doing anything else.
Stage 3. The “Jokes.”
A number of jokes (I tried to choose funny ones) using phrasal verbs covered in the two previous sections are here. By pushing the big “play” button you can listen to them in succession again, one after another. This is very good training for oral speech comprehension, and you can do it wherever and whenever you want.
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