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Dream Flights VR Description
Many people pilot DJI drones for shooting great photos and videos. We fly them for the feeling of free flight, like in dreams.
Put your phone into VR glasses such as Google card, VR Box, Carl Zeiss VR, Homido, Fibrum or similar, connect it to the RС controller of a DJI drone* and find yourself ascending above your favorite scenes, soaring free as a bird.

In addition to sticks you can control your flight now by tilting your head and body using VR glasses headtracking capabilities. There are 3 VR control modes:

- 1D – by tilting and turning your head and body, you control the tilting of the camera and yaw turns of the drone.

- 2D – while flying forward, by tilting left and right you make turns (virages) as on an airplane. You can control your speed in this mode by tilting forwards/backwards rather than using a stick.
- while hovering you can move horizontally (left/right and forwards/backwards) by tilting your head and body

- 3D – same as 2D, but tilting your head/body forwards and backwards commands the drone to descend and ascend respectively.

- GL - Glider simulation mode. Upon entering this mode, the drone will start to descend as gliders do using gravity. By tilting your head you can control the pitch angle of the simulated glider relative to the horizon plane.

- WL - “Weightless” or “Fly Where You Look”. See details on the web site

We recommend you to set the gimbal settings to “30° extensible” in DJI Go to
allow the camera to tilt up to 30° above the horizon.

Key features:
- AR beacon at the Home point: In the video from the drone you will see an Augmented Reality (AR) object located on the Home point. This object will help you to visually determine the heading for your return, in addition to the arrow in the Director.
- AR beacons at POIs - only on iOS: Prior to flight, you can mark the POIs you want to fly to on the map, in the Maps section of app. On the video from the drone you will see AR objects – these are the beacons, located on the POIs. Using these, you will be able to easily visually navigate to the POIs during your flight.
- Augmented Reality Tracking – hovering arrows show the path the drone has flown and the direction of it’s progress on this path.

- Flight parameters: bearing, distance to Home point, altitude and modes of flight are displayed both as numbers and on a specially designed graphical 3D object called the Director.
- Your view will become 3D while you are flying sideways due to a special algorithm of video processing.
- Sounds of a rushing wind not only improve your sensation of free flying, but supplements the flying parameters – it changes according to your movement through the air.
- On Inspire 1, in “Passenger mode” you will enjoy 360 degrees (horizontal) by 90 degrees (vertical) free view by tilting your hear and turning your sight to any direction, while a pilot controls speeds of aircraft with RC This mode is extremely useful for operators who need an easy way to trace objects in field of view and construct the frame
- Switching your view from the drone to the ground – you are able to keep visual contact with the craft at any time.
- Supports Phantom 4 Flight Assistant.

Flight safety is supported through several measures:
- “Safe cylinder” – the drone rebounds back when you fly outside it in VR mode.
- Co-pilot capability – a person who holds the RC and observes the drone by sight (not necessary, but useful for safety)
- Switching your view from drone to the ground – you are able to keep visual contact with the craft any time.
- Return control back to the RC at any moment by releasing hardware button on the RC

And all of the above without any obstruction by sun light in the VR glasses!

DJI models supported: Phantom 3 Advanced/Professional, Phantom 4, Inspire 1.
Dream Flights VR 1.9 Update
2017-05-01 Version History
Bug fixes
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93.5 MB
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