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Dungeon Mathster

Dungeon Mathster

Emil Leszczynski

1.1 for iPhone, iPad

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Dungeon Mathster Description
Dungeon Mathster
RPG-math educational game to learn the sequence of mathematical operations with fun of dungeon adventure.

This project is prepared for MIT course "Design & Development of Games for Learning" and we would like to ask You for your opinion and any suggestions what is good, what is bad and what do You think that will be nice to change.

Group of adventurers which have individual skills (mathematical operations) and level of the skill (the number) travel through the abandoned dungeons to get experience (higher levels) and new skills.

We start with:
Knight “+” – addition level 1
Guard “-” – substraction level 1
Druid “*” multiplication level 1
Barbarian “/” division level 1
Magician “^” exponentiation level 1

We travel through dark rooms of different dungeons - in this version there's only one dungeon with inifinity number of rooms.

In every room we encounter enemies, monsters and villains more and more powerful with unique levels.
Level means the number which we have to calculate with an attack to hurt the enemy.

The number of attack we calculate with skills (math operations) and levels (numbers) of our heroes plus additional random number from 0 to 9.

For every operations we use in attack we get multiplication bonus. Number of attack multiplied with bonus number give the hits number – how much health is substracted from HP (Health Points) of the enemy.

When the HP of the enemy is equal or lower than 0 Enemy dies and we can go to next room.

We can decide which adventurers and what order we use in the attack.

When we are ready with the attack we can use Attack Button (with two swords) and make the attack.

If the number of our attack is equal to the level of the enemy we hit the enemy and make lower its HP with the number of our attack multiplied with the bonus number (how many heroes and addtional number we use in the attack).

For example on the screen dungeonmaster1.png there is an attack of all 5 heroes and random additional number 9 (green number) – it gets +8 (it’s the level of the enemy) so we hit him – and our attack number is multiplied by 6 (we use 5 skills of our heroes plus green random number) – so in this attack we hits enemy with 8 x 6 = 48 hit points so we decrease health points of the enemy with 48 points.

After our attack – enemy attacks with the number of level 8 and decreases our heroes HP with -8 hit points.

If our heroes HP reach 0 or lower one of our adventurers dies and we can continue with rest of our pack.

If there’s no heroes alive we end the game and we have to begin our adventure once again.

When we kill the enemy we receive experience points which we can change for the higher skills and additional f.e. healing, powerups, additional numbers or math operations skills.

This way we can learn:

- the right sequence of the math operations
- some aspects of the prime and other special numbers (additional riddles in the key point of the dungeons)
- have a fun with special levels like imaginary and complex numbers
Dungeon Mathster 1.1 Update
2016-12-04 Version History
- Shield
- Improved communication
- Bug fixes
- Better balance of the game
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84.7 MB
Update Date:
Emil Leszczynski
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