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EANitrox Description
If you are a Nitrox certified diver*, you will love this app: It contains all you need to know about Oxygen partial pressure, oxygen toxicity percents, Equivalent Air Depth, and even the best gas mix for a given dive depth, in one super efficient display!

Using metric or imperial (meters or feet), you can enter your expected or just executed dive depth, the percent O2 in your mix, your O2 partial pressure maximum, and your bottom time to find:
-Your maximum safe depth, and contingency depths,
-Your Equivalent Air Depth,
-Your O2 partial pressure at max depth,
-Your O2 toxicity percentage from a logged dive, and
-Your best EANx mix (oxygen percentage) for a given depth and O2pp max!

If you are diving Nitrox on tables, this app will save you time, allow you to use the "standard" air tables, and give you far more accuracy than using conversion tables.

If you are using a Nitrox compatible DIVE COMPUTER, this app will make a great companion. In conjunction with your computer, you can:
-Determine the best air mix for a projected depth and max O2pp (up to 2.0),
-Allow you to determine your exact max depth for a fractional O2 mix (for example if you have a 32.4% mix, you would normally have to set your dive computer to 33%, which reduces your max depth),
-Determine O2pp maximums up to 2.0 (many dive computers are set to 1.4 max).

Everything in this app has been carefully tested against hand done calculations, and against DSAT tables to ensure the most accuracy in the results. In addition, the interface is highly streamlined so that you can see all the information you need at a single glance, and get on with the fun of diving!

*SCUBA diving is a sport with many inherent risks. Diving with enhanced O2 air tanks increases some of those risks. This app is ONLY FOR THOSE TRAINED AND CERTIFIED TO USE EANx NITROX. No one without proper certification should use this app: without proper training in the use of Nitrox gas mixes, YOU COULD DIE!!

In addition, while every effort here has been made to be accurate in calculations and results, treat what you see as guidelines: differing circumstances, and differing physical conditioning can lead to radically different reactions to diving. Please dive responsibly, and if possible always use at least two methods (this app, plus dive tables or a dive computer) to counter check your results.
**The makers of this product assume no responsibility for the use or misuse of this product.**
EANitrox 1.0 Update
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40.9 MB
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John Gibbs
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