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EasyTouch Description
1、Single page help document
Each line record represents a equipment, the bulb icon on the right act as the equipment switch button, gray state means OFF, yellow state means ON, click the bulb can swtich the state. The up and down two words on the right, respectively means the name of equipment and the placed position. Click the specific equipment, it will enter into the equipment detailed information and control page. The software can support three types of equipment now: WF400A、WF400B、WF400C, respectively corresponding single type equipment, color temperature type equipment and RGB type equipment. For the no need to control equipment, sliding the equipment in the line can be deleted.
Click the equipment in the line, enter into detail information and control page, single color and color temperature type equipment page mainly devided into 3 parts: Device Operation、Device Timer、Device Information;Device Operation parts, including the modification of equipment name and position, the operation of group, click the corresponding line, it will pop up corresponding interactive window, modify the equipment name and position, can not including space character. Then the brightness control (color temperature equipment also include the color temperature control). Click the small icon on slider both ends, can fine tuning the current brightness values or color temperature value. Device Timer part is the operation of the equipment timer, in total have 5 timers, including the setting of specific time, week, brightness (color temperature type equipment includes color temperature), specific Settings, click on specific timer into the new page to set. And then click the "save" button on top right corner, can save this timer's setting.
Device Information part, it is the information of the current equipment.
RGB equipment control interface is very intuitive, each color and pattern are all through the button form to reflect, the left slider is used for adjust dynamic mode light change speed, the right slider is used for adjust the brightness of light. Click the first button on the top of right slider, can operate to the RGB equipment name, position and group. RGB equipment support custom color, click on the interface top right corner"Custom Color" button, it will enter into custom color interface. Sliding red, green, blue three color bar, can free matching out any color, click the top right corner"save" button, it can save the current custom color, have already saved color will be displayed on screen below, click the specific line, light will make a corresponding change.

2、Group page help document
Software provides 16 group which can operating, Default group name is Group1 to Group16. Each line record represents a group, the bulb icon on the right act as the equipment switch button, click the bulb can swtich the state of the current group equipment, words on right means the group name. Click the specific line, it will enter into the group control interface, all devided into 3 parts "Device Operation、Device Timer、Device Information";Device Operation part is respectively to change the group name, view of members , and adjust the brightness of the group. when you control the current group, controlled will be the whole group of each member, can click "Device Operation" part "GroupMember" to view current group member, if you want to increase or delete members, can operation in the "Group" options which in the single equipment detailed page control."Device Timer"
part is the operation of the group equipment timer, the operation same with single equipment.
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EasyTouch software needs to use with the particular third party hardware. We produce our own hardware. The hardware pictures have been attached. We published similar applications before, The pre-application's video address is as below: http://v.youku.com/v_show/id_XNDA3NzA5MzUy.html.
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