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Electrician Clinic Description
This collection of 888 training videos will teach you all about what it takes to be an electrician. Theory and practical lessons are included and there is much to discover.

Training videos include
3 Phase AC Motor Working Principle
AC and DC power Voltage Lesson 2 of 2
AC Generator
AC vs DC Explained and How to Use an Oscilloscope
Alternating Current Fundamentals
Basic Electricity - What is an amp
Circuit Troubles Basic Circuits and Common Problems
Commutators Basics on AC and DC Generation
Create a Lemon Battery
Dedicated Circuits
Early Incandescent Bulbs - part 1
Electric current
Electric Generator Lenzs Law Part 2 Left or Right Hand Rule Physics Lesson
Electrical Circuits - The Series Parallel and complex of it all
Electrical Code Inspection Wiring and Devices Show Me How V
Electrical Rough In
Electrical System Fundamentals Loss of Neutral
Electrical Theory 2004 - Parallel Connected Power Supplies
Electrical Transformer Calculations Physics Tutorial
Electricity and Circuits
Electromagnets Left or Right Hand Rules for Coils Physics Lesson
Four-way Switches How They Work
Home Electrical Safety with Arc Fault Protection
How a Fluorescent Light Works - Schematic Animation
How does an Induction Motor work
How to check the amps being drawn from a breaker
How to Install a Subpanel
How To Wire A 3 Way Switch
How Transformers Work
Indiana AFCI News Video from WTHR
Inductor basics - What is an inductor
Kirchoffs Law
Knob and Tube - early electrical insulation
Lighting 2 - The Mazda Lamp
Lightning Rods Part 1
Magnetism Motors and Generators
MAKE presents The Capacitor
NEC 2008 Circuit Identification 4084
NEC 2008 Wiring in Plenums Spaces 30022
2014 NEC - Grounding Myths 26min55sec
Nernst Lamp - incadescent lamp operating in air
Ohms Law
Ohms Law The Basics
Physics - Electromagnetism Faradays Law
Power surge due to an open neutral wire
Principles of Electricity 1945 - Part 1
Principles of Electricity 1945 - Part 2
Real World Launchpad Lightning Protection System
Replacing 200 Amp Main Meter Center
Science Nature Facts What Is a 3-Phase Power Supply
Series and Parallel Circuits
The Voltaic Pile
Three-Phase Induction Motors - MyToolboxTV Ep 3
Vinegar Battery
Voltage Drop Part 1
Voltage Current and Resistance
Voltage Current Electricity Magnetism
What is a rectifier HD
What Is Eddy Current
What is Ground and Bonding of the Electrical System in your Home or Office
What is Voltage Lets start here Lesson 1 of 2
Electromagnetism Left or Right Hand Rules for Conductors Physics Lesson
Breaker and Fuses
DIY Home Repairs How to Outfit a Basic Electricians Toolbox
Introduction to Electrical Connections - Series Connection Hindi
Introduction to Electrical Connections - Parallel Connection Hindi
Introduction to the Tools used in Electrical Training Part 1 Hindi
Introduction to the Tools used in Electrical Training Part 2 Hindi
Understanding Earthing - Plate Earthing Hindi
Understanding Earthing - Pipe Earthing Hindi
Understanding the connection of a Voltmeter and Ammeter on a Circuit Hindi
Identifying the Polarity during a DC Supply of current Hindi
Identifying the Polarity during a AC Supply of current Hindi
Diagamatic Representation of Simple House Wiring Hindi
Identifying the Faults on a Live Circuit Board Hindi
Introduction to Conductors and Insulators Hindi
Learning to make a straight Joint Hindi
Understanding the connections of a Circuit Board Hindi
Understanding the connections on a Dummy Board Hindi
Learning to make a T-Joint Hindi
Learn to Solder Insulate Joints Hindi
Mod-01 Lec-01 Lecture-01-Introduction
Mod-01 Lec-02 Lecture-02-Operating Principles and Construction of Single Phase Transformers

and more
Electrician Clinic 1.1 Update
2017-07-03 Version History
Revised Interface with following features:
Ability To Change Name & Subtitle to your own requirement and customisation
Maintain your own user notes for each lesson.
Relocate a lesson in any group
Move the lesson up and down any group
Maintain a rating and favourite status.
View by rating and favourite in addition to normal group listing
Search by any part of title, subtitle or user notes.
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