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Cell Tower Locator and LTE Map

Cell Tower Locator and LTE Map

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Cell Tower Locator and LTE Map Description
Discover your coverage, the nearest tower to you and the cell tower carrier.
Also you can discover the radiation that you’re receiving currently by the communications towers that surrounds you.
Point with your mobile upright and you will see the EMF towers emitting and the current distance to them, as it is used augmented reality.
You can check your cell tower coverage and get the data, distance and provider name. The data in the AR screen also can be seen when it is touched the cell tower image. Then you can decide if change your telephony provider.
Knowing how many cell towers are surrounding us provides an idea of our environment ionization.
Discover which has more coverage in your region: AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile, US Cellular,Sprint,Iowa Wireless, AmeriLink, etc.
Use the 2d Map and navigate using your fingers around the map. Yo can check the contrast between the city and the countryside.

The towers you can see are 5G, UMTS, CDMA, GSM and LTE, which also establish 3g , 4g and 5g communications.
We are in an invisible world plenty of waves which surrounds us and your body gets impregnated. Discover which are the towers that exist nearby, at home, at office, or wherever you want to check. You will be surprised of the large number of repeaters, antennas and transmitters existing nearby.
This app uses your GPS to get your location and shows you the towers that emit near you in a radius of several hundred meters. If too many towers show up, which is usual in cities, use the horizontal slider to shorten the radius that is reached.
It gives an idea of the emissions chaos that exists around us. This app, when calculates the radiation, does not take into account the waves of the high voltage cables nor the individual routers in every house.
** This is a LTE discovery tool, where you can go for a walk and check the towers around you. Of course you will know the new 5g towers as are updated into the app regularly.
** For each tower you will discover the technology that they use NR (5g), LTE (4g), UMTS(3g), CDMA(3g) or GSM (2g).
** Directly overlay and compare cellular carrier coverage maps! This is also perfect for travelers - research where you’re covered across the entire country.
** Know where to roam: view 5G, LTE and roaming areas as overlays, focus on finding the coverage type you desire.
** Also you can be in your home and check the nearby towers with augmented reality, without moving yourself from your dining room.
You will know which are the carriers name for each tower. So you can take decisions of which carrier could be more suitable for you to get a better coverage, as you will know the location and distance.

For each tower it has been added cellular data like:
Technology: NR (5g), LTE (4g), UMTS(3g), CDMA(3g), GSM (2g)
Current distance
Area Id
Cell Id of the tower
Modulation : FDD, TDD, etc.
Band Names:E-CLR,E-PCS Blocks, BRS/EBS, etc.

Carriers included: AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile, US Cellular,Sprint,Iowa Wireless, Viaero Wireless, AmeriLink, Highland,Cellular One, UnionTelephone Company,Bluegrass Wireless, Etel,Indigo,Plateau,Cingula Orange and a lot more.

Discover the wave emissions existing around you. Next time you say "there's no signal here", you'll know it's better that way.
Contact : bellostudios@gmail.com
Cell Tower Locator and LTE Map 7.7 Update
2023-01-02 Version History
You can see the carrier name for every cell tower. It has been added a new 2D map with all the towers filtered by carrier and technology. Also you can check the new 5g cell towers added. You can filter by your own carrier with a switch button in the augmented reality view. Range viewer feature has been expanded to an extra 500m. Discover the real current antenna you're connected and the strength intensity in dBm.
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