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Emitting - Local Live Streaming Description
Local live streaming: Stream video and audio to anyone in Bluetooth or Wi-Fi range.
* Playback is SYNCHRONIZED on all viewers!
* Group chat and private messages.
* Mix the microphone with music from your iTunes library.
* Record video (mp4) or audio (aiff) of voice streams (in-app purchases required): save a lecture, speech or vocal performance for later.
* iTunes Store integration: tap on any song name in the chat window to search the store.

Emitting is a great tool for spontaneous collaboration in any social setting.

No servers and no accounts: just iOS devices communicating directly. No Internet or data plan is required.

There are two modes:
* EMIT mode: One device. Stream your video and audio to 3 nearby viewers. You can mix the mic with songs from your iTunes library. Songs must be downloaded to the device and DRM-free (i.e., no Apple Music downloads).
* RELAY mode: Many devices. Be the audience. Be the crowd. Browse for nearby streams, pick one to join and then you can RELAY the stream to 3 more viewers!

Playback on all viewers in RELAY mode is SYNCHRONIZED. Turn a crowd into a PA system!

There is no limit on the number of times the stream can be relayed. We've tested successfully with two "levels" of viewers (up to 12 devices: 3 on the 1st level, 9 on the 2nd). If your stream reaches more, share the good news with us on Twitter @obeemobee!

Everyone can communicate via group chat and private messages. Chat transcripts can be shared via text, email, AirDrop, etc.

Everyone can record video (mp4) or audio (aiff) of voice-only streams (In-app purchases required: sorry, no music stream recording due to Copyright). Recordings can be shared via text, email, AirDrop, etc.

NOTE: Sessions in EMIT mode are limited to 10 minutes. This limitation can be removed via the "Unlimited EMIT Time" in-app purchase.

So who might use this? We have some 'P'eople in mind:

* Professors: Stream your lecture to nearby students. They can ask questions via chat and record the lecture for later review. Can't see or hear you in the back? Not anymore!
* Partiers: Hosting a house party but can't afford that pricey whole-house sound system? No worries: stream your favorite songs and guests can tune in, no matter what room they're in.
* Protestors: Whether marching down the street or on the Capitol steps, you can use Emitting to get your opinion out there. No bullhorn required.
* Performers: Find a public stage, launch Emitting, pick a backing track from your library and sing over the top. Tug at some heartstrings. Fame awaits.
* Parkers: Friends, food, phones and four wheels. Plug each RELAY device directly into a car stereo with an audio cable. Pick your favorite tailgate anthems, crank the volume and rock out.
* Preachers: Whether from a street corner or a chapel, get your proselytization on. Save more souls.
* Politicians: No need for a fancy stage. Pull up an actual soapbox and use Emitting to get that rally going anywhere, anytime.
* Poets: Your spoken word can now be heard. Imagine an intimate setting with listeners on headphones. Emotions conveyed.
* Presenters: Whip out your bullet points anywhere.

Follow these tips for the best possible experience:
- In EMIT mode: when using the microphone, a headset is highly recommended to minimize feedback (the EarPods that come with every iOS device work great!). iPhone users: without a headset, the audio output is to the earpiece and not the external speaker. Hold the device up to your head as if you were making a call.
- In RELAY mode: if an attempt to join a stream returns a "Busy" message, it means that device and/or the network is too busy to make a connection. Give it a few seconds and try again. It may take several tries.
- Incoming calls will interrupt the stream. Airplane mode will eliminate these interruptions.
- Switching to background mode works just fine, but the app won't be guaranteed all the network resources it needs. Try to keep other network activity to a minimum.
Emitting - Local Live Streaming 1.05 Update
2016-09-19 Version History
Updates for iOS 10.
When you push Stop, it should stop, right? Squashed a rare bug that would freeze the app after stopping if lots of listeners have been joining/leaving.
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ObeeMobee LLC
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