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ESCAPEE GO! Description
Originally released overseas, this classic game is finally available now.
Featuring nostalgic pixel graphics inspired by the 8-bit era.
Enjoy the heart thumping, suspense filled stealth action gameplay.
The rules of the game are simple, escape!
Can you survive all 16 stages?

Claire awakens trapped in a room, with no memories, save for her name.
Out of nowhere, she hears a voice.
"There's no time to explain, please get away from here quickly!"
Picking up the fallen key card, Claire steps out of the room...

Take on the role of Claire and escape from your pursuers.
Running decreases Claire's stamina.
She recovers stamina when walking or standing still.

Items that act as "keys" are scattered around each stage.
Grab each key and hurry to the exit!

Claire can detect the presence of nearby enemies and items.
This ability appears as a black semi-transparent circle around her.
Enemies that approach this area appear as silhouettes.
While items appear as "?" question marks.
*There are differences in detection ability based on the game difficulty selected.

If you get spotted by an enemy, it will begin chase.
Move carefully to avoid alerting enemies.
But it is necessary to take risks too in order to survive!

Be sure to pick up the various power up items found in each stage.
Using them can help you get out of a pinch.
*Items cannot be carried over to the next stage.

There is a time limit for each stage.Make sure to escape before time runs out.

In "Story" Mode, the number of remaining lives "Claire" has is determined by the difficulty selected.
When remaining lives reaches 0, it's game over and you will need to start over from the beginning.

The enemy's field of vision increases with each difficulty.
Even if you managed to survive both EASY and NORMAL, HARD is sure to prove a challenge!

Claire is controlled by flicking.
You can move anywhere on screen by flicking in that direction.
Flick slowly to walk, or quickly to run.
Tap to stop moving.

If "ESCAPE RUN" is set to ON in the options menu. It will make running easier when escaping from enemies.

Obtained power up items are held in the lower right of the screen.
Tap on the item's button to activate it.

During the game, you can pause by pressing the "PAUSE" button on the upper left of the screen.

■□■□■□■□ Tip ■□■□■□■□

Both Claire and her enemies move by tile based movement.
So there are cases where changing direction might not operate as you would expect.
We will introduce a technique that is indispensable to mastering the game.

A special function called "DIRECTION RESERVE" allows you to input the direction you want to move in advance.

While moving, flick in the direction you wish to turn towards just before approaching the next tile.
Upon reaching that tile, you will automatically turn in the direction you input earlier.

By mastering this, you can escape quickly!
Try it out!
ESCAPEE GO! 2.0.1 Update
2018-02-01 Version History
· I completely reviewed the game design

※ Please note that the saved data of the previous version can not be handed over
※ "GameCenter" will not be supported from this version
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148.7 MB
Update Date:
Xenlon co.,ltd.
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