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Are you in a stage where you feel like you are in a mid-life crisis? You do not feel like doing anything except to eat and travel or just do nothing. Well, if this is so simple then why isn’t most people doing it? Most of us have money but do not have health and a majority of us have health but do not have money. And, then there is a large population of people who have neither health nor money. This course is not going to give you money, well not directly but it will change your perspective about your current lifestyle which I aim to achieve. This course will empower you to be fit and healthy. I get asked a lot isn’t being fit the same as being healthy? You think? A person may look atheistically fit but doesn’t mean he or she eats well or is healthy.

The objective is to get you mindful and being selective of your food choices as well as adopting good habits bit by bit that would last sustainably.

Truthfully, it does not take 60 minutes each day to train your mobility and flexibility skills. It sure does not take 30 minutes each day to train your abdominal muscles to get six-pack. If your objective is to improve coordination, flexibility, and mobility for graceful aging that is to prevent you from falling as you grow old and not just fat loss and muscle toning, then you have come to the right place!

People say abdominals are made in the kitchen. I say abs are made in the mind. If your mind is not committed and ready to get what you desire to achieve, how on earth are you going to achieve the goal even if your kitchen is stacked with healthy snacks and food? Your mind will think about junk food and comfort food that you are used to eating unless you DESIRE FOR A CHANGE, and then BE READY FOR THE CHANGE, if not, you will not MAKE ANY CHANGE. Make sense?

Here’s what you will get:
- 26 Days of mobility, functional strength, abdominal strength and movement (MFAM) video guided exercises to keep you on track and motivated
- Self-Check guide on knowing what your body constitution is and DIY remedies on combating top 5 ailments
- Healthy breakfast, lunch and dinner options outside
- A food calorie chart (Singaporean version)
- A break-it-down macronutrient guide
- A weekly nutritional challenge that will assist you to achieve your goal by breaking goal into skills, and skills into practices
- A guide to prepping meals
- Daily check-in with Coach Karen via the 26 Day MFAM app to help you stay on track
- A community at your fingertips for support, encouragement and show off your wins

After this challenge, you will:
- Change your current mind-set and eating habits.
- Discover how small changes leads to big WIN.
- Strengthen your mind so it works for you, and not against you.
- Notice an increase of energy, balance, coordination and movement.

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This program is made with know-how, passion and with the intention to help individuals like you to overcome the hurdle of exercising. Just move your body. Wake up in the morning, do not think about it and just start!
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