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Eternal – Take Notes With Your Visual Memory

Spencer Yen

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Eternal – Take Notes With Your Visual Memory Description
The note-taking app that improves your memory.

Eternal is based on an ancient memorization technique called the Loci Method, which harnesses the power of your visual mind by associating extremely whacky images to things you want to remember and linking them together inside a “memory palace”. This technique is used by philosophers, memory champions, and top students to remember huge amounts of information. It sounds intense, but in reality anyone with an average memory can learn how to use the Loci Method to remember anything in your life.

Eternal makes it super easy for you to practice this technique with our beautiful note-taking app based around "cards". Here's how it works:
• Start by adding a concept, definition, idea, or anything you want into our note editor
• Attach a card to the note by first adding a title that represents the note
• Add a whacky GIF that reminds you of the title or note
• Associate the crazy GIF on the card with whatever you want to remember, and your brain starts to form a long-term memory through a process called elaborative encoding.

Imagine never forgetting things you learned in the past, important lecture notes, new words from different languages, key ideas in a book, historical events, speeches, and more.

Start using Eternal to remember more of what's important in your life.

Inspired by Joshua Foer’s New York Times Bestseller Moonwalking with Einstein and his viral TED talk on how an ordinary writer won the U.S. memory championships, Eternal teaches you the same techniques that Foer used to remember long sequences of random numbers and decks of cards in under an hour.

“If you want to live a memorable life, you have to be the kind of person who remembers to remember." - Joshua Foer

Questions? Ideas? We're always looking for ways to improve the app and help improve your memory. Email us at
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Spencer Yen
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