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Exheale Description
Exheale is the first app of its kind designed for patients with COPD. This app coaches users through a specific type of therapeutic breathing exercise in order to promote deep breathing. Exheale seeks to improve the quality of life of COPD patients who are unable to attend pulmonary rehabilitation, as well as reinforce the training already learned by those who attend. Although Exheale is not intended for the treatment or cure of any disease, the app seeks to provide a portable and therapeutic alternative that can potentially prevent complications that come with having COPD and other related conditions such as asthma, emphysema, or chronic bronchitis.

The main and operative feature of the app is also the main page. The current version of Exheale focuses on a type of breathing exercise designed to coach users to develop a breathing technique that helps promote deep breathing based on defined inhale to exhale ratios, therefore potentially strengthening respiratory muscles over
time. Audio coaching is provided in order to help the user perform the exercise correctly. The breathing exercise has several inhale to exhale ratios and levels of difficulty. After every performance of a repetition of the exercise, the app provides feedback on how well the user performed the breathing exercise through audio analysis. Depending on the user’s comfort with the exercise, they will move through the levels and ratios.

The reports section of the app provides the daily, weekly, and monthly scores attained with the performance of the breathing exercise. As mentioned previously, after the performance of a rep of the exercise, the user is given feedback. This feedback comes in qualitative form, as well as in the form of a score out of 100. These scores are stored in the Reports section so that the user can track their progress over time.

The achievements section of the app serves to provide encouragement for the user. In this section, the user can check if they have completed their daily goal as well as
track their daily goal streak. The daily goal is set when a user creates their profile, and it is the amount of sets/repetitions a user wishes to complete daily, based on
their ability or experience with the app. A set consists of 10 repetitions of the breathing exercise, regardless of the level or breathing ratio performed.

Other Features
A Tutorial on how to perform the therapeutic breathing exercise is available to the user at any time through the main menu. The tutorial is also automatically shown to
the user when first signing in. There is a Profile section, which allows the user to access or change profile settings
and information. The user’s profile is first created when signing in for the first time. There is a Theme feature, which serves to allow the user to change the background
theme of the exercise page.

It should be known to users/purchasers that this is the first version of Exheale released on the app store, and therefore faulty features and concepts may potentially be present. The cost of this version of the app after a one-month trial is $2.99, non-refundable. MIDA Medical Technologies and any other entities related to the formation of this app are not liable for any injuries that may be sustained during its use. Users accept the risk of purchase or injury as a personal liability when performing the exercises that are outlined in this app. This app merely serves to promote therapeutic deep breathing and is therefore not intended for the treatment, prevention, alleviation, monitoring, diagnosis, or cure of any disease. Please be safe and use best judgment when using Exheale.

Happy Breathing!
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