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Face : Real Face-to-Face messenger!

Face : Real Face-to-Face messenger!

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Face : Real Face-to-Face messenger! Description
Face is messenger app, that lets you see your private chat partner's real face picture!

This enables a whole range of possibilities, but most important of them all - is a carefree and secure communication.
Imagine how would it be not to worry anymore. Worry about who's really on the other side of the chat. Is it really a person that you think you are chatting with or an imposter? Is it a person at all, or just one of those spam or advertisement bots?
If you don't mind talking to spamming bots, then this app is probably not for you. But if you are looking for just a careless conversation, then this is what this app is all about.

All you need to do - is to install, register and share your Face ID or chat link with your friends, so they can do the same!

When registering, you'll set up your Face Photo - the photo, that will define your profile. No more you are required to share your personal data, your phone number or an access to your Address Book - your privacy should be in your own hands! All your chatting partner has to know about you - is your real Face Photo, just like in real life conversation. It's up to you to share the rest.

But now, because you know your chatting partner's real Face Photo, you don't have to worry about being scammed, hassled or harmed in any other way!
That's because you know exactly who you're chatting with!
And if you don't like who you're talking to, you can use convenient tools to anonymously block communication with this person, or report, if you think they are violating Terms of Use.

At your disposal are latest chatting and security tools from LINX:
1. Access to photo gallery without leaving the chat room: just swipe from right to left.
2. LIVE picture/video sharing makes sure all content was just taken with the phone's camera.
3. Remove pictures and videos even after you've already sent them, and this will delete them also on the chatting partner's side of the chat.
4. Activate "Secret mode" to display pictures/videos only once, and automatically delete them after viewed.
5. Screenshot protection will inform you, if your chatting partner took a screenshot of your Face Photo without your permission.
6. Anonymously block chat with anyone.
7. Anonymously report any violation.
8. Support chat and automatic guide.

The first one is important: it makes sharing so easy, it becomes a thousand times more fun! And when you're using the second feature - the LIVE capture - it's unbelievable!!! It will also make sure the person you are talking to is who he/she claims to be, because you can just ask them to take a LIVE picture, and you'll know exactly whether it's LIVE or not by the "LIVE" mark next to it.

The third feature is very useful, if you've sent some photo by mistake or changed your mind. You can just delete it!! It won't stay on the other side, don't worry. Unless the other side had the time to save it, off course... Which leads us to the tool number 4...

The 4th is a powerful tool to make sure you are only "showing" the content, rather than "giving it away". It will prevent the chatting partner saving your picture or video. The picture will be gone after viewing it for 3 seconds. This puts the control over your content back in your hands, even after sending it! And now you can send even your most embarrassing pictures and videos! :)

Our support team and automatic guide will make sure all your questions are answered ASAP.

All you have to do is:
1. Register and set up Face Photo.
2. Be old enough to type.
(Please note: parental control is advised at all times when your child is practicing online communications of any kind)

All you don't have to do:
1. Give your phone number.
2. Give access to your Address Book.
3. Give access your e-mail address.
4. Give your exact location.
5. Give any other private information.

As you can see, we provide security and worry-free conversation. And off course, it's free! All we ask in return is this: please have a great time!
Face : Real Face-to-Face messenger! 1.0.1 Update
2015-10-24 Version History
- Support for English-speaking, Russian-speaking and Chinese-speaking countries.
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AWALKER co., Ltd
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