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Facettas Description

Facettas is an Apple iPhone/iPad application that facilitates the process of employee performance evaluations. Regardless of the frequency with which your organization’s policy requires performance evaluations, they are critical to the success of the business. They are an integral part of employee satisfaction, motivation, and performance management as well as organizational and career planning. Facettas can also be used during the interview and hiring process. Candidates can be evaluated against the same criteria and a relative score obtained to aid the employer during the interviews. There are two distinct phases to the Facettas process, the setup and the evaluation phase.


The app provides the basic structure and elements required to perform employee or candidate evaluations. Nevertheless some pre-work or set-up is required. Positions are defined and a level of importance is assigned to each performance facet that is relevant to each position in the Profiler Tab.

1.A list of positions is provided but they are not profiled. Position profiles vary greatly depending on the business and what they expect from each position. Choose the positions needed for a particular organization or department. Delete any positions that are not required or add any that are missing.

2.Profile the chosen positions. The application has a set of common facets that are applicable across businesses and industries. For each position, select the facets that are critical for the responsibilities assigned to it. Then, assign a weight for each facet that defines how important the facet is to the position. For example, is creativity more important than teamwork? If additional facets are required that are not in the common facet list, custom facets can be created.

3.As the final set-up step, use the Evaluator Tab to enter the employee or candidate names of the people to be evaluated.

Evaluator Tab

Setup is usually done only once and will normally never have to be done again unless business needs require a position profile change.


Once the names of the employees or candidates have been entered and they are assigned to a position the performance evaluation process can begin. Define how well the employee or candidate has exhibited each of the facets of performance during the evaluation period or interview. For example when evaluating the level of judgment, has the employee exhibited behaviors that warrant a 90% score or a 20% score?

Once you are finished evaluating, each employee will have a score or ranking which is calculated based on the importance of the facet and how well the employee demonstrated the required behaviors during the evaluation period or interview.


The app provides access to a “Help” screen for every step of the Facettas workflow. At any point in the process, simply touch the “Help” button at the top of the screen to obtain a summary of the screen’s functionality and how to perform tasks in that screen. The help text can be scrolled and the help screen provides buttons to contact customer service or navigate to the Adapptable, LLC web site.

The app also provides enterprise support through a file synch/transfer and email feature. Human Resources departments can standardize the position titles, performance facets, and employee names used by the management team. Evaluations can also be compiled and subsequently summarized for reporting purposes. The user can also email the employee evaluation information and profiled position data to the person compiling the information for the company or to themselves for archiving purposes.
Facettas 3.5.2 Update
2017-11-04 Version History
Changes for iOS11 compatibility and iPhone X. Fixed an issue when entering and using custom facets of performance.
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