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Fish Feaster

Fish Feaster

Anthony Pendley

1.2 for iPhone

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Fish Feaster Description
Pick a colorful fish and eat smaller ones to grow big enough to rule the sea!

Cute cartoon graphics, smooth & fluid controls, and addictive gameplay!

Fish Feaster uses fluid and precise touch controls perfectly suited for mobile devices.
That means no frustrating tilting or wonky virtual sticks! Just touch where you want your fish to go and
it swims there, or you can tap another fish to lock-on and chase it down.

Fish Feaster Features:
~ 10 Colorful Fish to Play as
~ 6 Beautiful Worlds to swim through
~ 4 Difficulties, each with a medal to earn
~ Arcade and Feast Mode game types
~ Boat-Loads of fish to eat and dodge
~ Deadly Predators like Sharks, Barracudas, and Eels
~ Obstacles like Mines, Jellyfish, and Puffer Fish
~ Smooth Controls and Challenging Gameplay

In Arcade Mode you eat smaller fish to fill up a growth meter. After filling it enough, your fish will have
a growth spurt and be able to eat fish that once chased you around! Eating fish in quick succession fills up
a frenzy bar that makes you grow even faster! Fill up the groth meter to complete the stage. Beat 10 stages to
unlock a colorful new world.

In Feast Mode you start as a HUGE fish with a full frenzy bar and have to keep it from being empty for as long
as you can. Touching things like Puffers and Jellyfish will quickly drain your frenzy bar so you'll have to swim
around them.

Collect the secret red star in each world to unlock the special robot fish!

Fish Feaster is a game that is easy to learn but hard to master. It's challenge and reward makes it addictive and
the satisfying crunch of eating fish after fish while growing larger will keep you coming back for more!

Easy (Bronze) -
~More small fish and no penalty for being eaten.
Normal (Silver) -
~Challenging gameplay that gets easier as you grow in size.
~Being eaten resets your growth bar to your last growth spurt.
Hard (Gold) -
~Fish move much faster and more giant fish will appear.
~Quick thinking and reflexes are the only way to earn the gold.
Oatmeal (Platinum) -
~The brave souls crazy enough to try this mode fast ridiculously fast
~fish, more predators, and few fish small enough to actually eat. Smart
~use of the frenzy bar is your best hope for victory.


Coded using cocos2d
All sound effects are public domain and come from
All music was created by Kevin MacLeod of
Menu - B-Roll (ska)
Ocean Blue - Wallpaper
Majestic Marine - Dreamy Flashback
Submerged Trench - Sax, Rock, and Roll
Deep Dark Depths - The Other Side of the Door
Murky Sea - Funk Game Loop
Dangerous Waters - Hitman
music by Kevin MacLeod (
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0
Fish Feaster 1.2 Update
2013-08-08 Version History
Now you can play Fish Feaster for Free!
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32.4 MB
Games Arcade
Release Date:
Anthony Pendley
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