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Food additives: complete description

Food additives: complete description

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Food additives: complete description Description
Nowadays even a child knows that human-made foodstuffs have special ingredients – food additives. They are flavors, emulsifiers, food colorings, preservatives and other substances which enhance the flavor and add required qualities to products. More and more often we hear about components which are made of genetically modified organisms.
To classify food additives within EU countries a special numbering system was invented. It has been working since 1953. Each food additive has a unique number that consists of the letter “E” and a special classifier code, which is used all over the world. A healthy diet is the basis for our well-being that is why it is very important to have detailed information about components of the aliments.
Some food additives, which are considered to be harmless or whose negative impact has not been proved, actually are very dangerous. Some of them can fall into toxic components under certain circumstances (at a temperature of a human body or because of gastric juices). Harm of some synthetic additives appears because of chemical reactions with other foodstuffs.
According to statistics, a person on average eats 5kg of food additives every year. Most of such ingredients we use in our diet without any worries: sugar, vanilla, salt, gelatin, bicarbonate of soda, vinegar, B-Carotene, ascorbic acid, pectin, egg white and other food additives. Any way, it is important to remember that only you are responsible for your life. So while shopping you need to follow certain rules.
When you buy aliments, you must examine labels and keep in mind that the list of ingredients in unhealthy food is longer as far as it contains more food additives. Try to avoid products with too extended storage periods. It is obviously that they have too many preservatives. Unhealthy food contains a lot of different food additives and GMO and, in comparison to wholefoods, it is much cheaper. Unhealthy food is easier to buy as far as you can find it in fast food restaurants and supermarkets.
For each food additive an acceptable daily intake was established. If it is exceeded, there can be negative effects. Scientists, who work in the healthcare sphere, suppose that the decrease of wholefoods and superfoods in our diet along with the increase in artificial additives and GMO may cause the growth of such diseases as cancer, obesity, diabetes, depression and asthma. Specialists recommend not allowing children, aged people and those, who have an allergy, to consume food additives. A healthy diet and such ingredients are incompatible as far as they do not contain enough vitamins and may become allergens for some groups of people.
Unfortunately, wholefood nutrition will be less available in the future. The population of the world is growing whereas the number of organic farms as well as the amount of fertile land and natural fertilizers is decreasing. Eating cheap unhealthy food instead of expensive wholefoods makes our diet rich in aliments but poor in necessary ingredients.
One of the best solutions for this problem is to include into the diet high-quality dietary supplements – vitamin and mineral complexes made of natural components. By using certified supplements, we can have optimal health and decrease the risk of becoming sick because of the unhealthy lifestyle and foodstuffs. Only we can decide what to do with our life: to improve our health, body and live longer or to leave everything as it is. People who really care about their health try to balance their diet to be sure that it contains all necessary vitamins, minerals and ingredients which are recommended by the scientists who collaborate with the world leaders in manufacturing of dietary supplements.
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