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Galaxy Guardian Description
This is a simple but enjoyable game. You are the fighter pilot with the responsibility to defend the galaxy against enemies, falling asteroids, and other exciting characters.

Game levels and play modes:
Galaxy Guardian has three (3) levels and two (2) game play modes (Quick Game and Extended Game).

In Quick Game mode, level 1 is completed when you score 50 or more points. Level 2 is completed when you score 100 or more points.

In Extended Game mode, level 1 is completed when you score 100 or more points. Level 2 is completed when you score 300 or more points.

In both game modes, level 3 is all about maximizing your points, so keep on racking up those high scores. In level 3, you can also earn "rapid fire" bullet boosts by destroying the space stations that float by.

Player actions:
Single tap the screen to move your space ship to that point on the screen. Your ship automatically fires bullets towards the alien characters.

Enemy actions:
Enemies don't need much encouragement to get at you, enemies come towards you at random speeds and from random positions, enemy ships in particular come with the added danger of missiles/bullets.

When Galaxy Guardian is first launched, the background sound, game sound effects, and Quick Game mode are all set to the ON position. You can go to the "Settings" section to change any or all of these.

Points are awarded based on the characters that you destroy: asteroid = 1 point, alien ship = 3 points, and the mysterious "Space Blob" = 4 points.
If your ship is hit, you score 1 point, provided you were not hit by an enemy bullet. Galaxy Guardian keeps track of your High Scores for both the Quick and Extended Game modes.

You start off with 3 lives, you can earn 2 additional lives, one in level 1 and another in level 2. You lose 1 life each time you are hit by an enemy (with the exception of the space station which has no effect on your life count).

Ok, enough of the talking about Galaxy Guardian it is time for you to experience the excitement for yourself. Enjoy!
Galaxy Guardian 1.1 Update
2014-11-21 Version History
Replaced one enemy character in level 2
Added a new (space station) character in level 3
Added a "Rapid Fire" of bullets reward for the player - each time you destroy the space station in level 3, you are rewarded with a rapid fire of bullets over a sort period of time. Colliding with the space station does not affect your life count.
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49.1 MB
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Gregory Fletcher
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