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Aboukhalil BOUNIETE

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Geometryco Lite Description
GEOMETRYCO LITE is the free (lite) version of the GEOMETRYCO (GEOMETRY COmpanion) app.

Here is the list of calculation features available in this free version :

+ Elementary Geometry :
⌊ Perimeter and Area of 2d shapes (Triangle, Rectangle, Parallelogram, Trapezoid, Rhombus, Circle, Circular Sector)
⌊ Area and Volume of 3d shapes (Rectangular Parallelipiped, Sphere, Right Circular Cone, Frustum of a Right Circular Cone, Regular Triangular Pyramid, Circular Torus)
⌊ Triangle Calculations knowing the 3 sides (Angles, Medians, Heights )
⌊ Trapezoid Calculations knowing the 4 sides (Angles, Median)
⌊ Trigonometry Calculations (sin, cos, tan, sec, cosec, cotan, arcsin, arcos, arctan)

+Analytic Geometry
⌊ Vector Calculus (Norm, Collinearity check, Orthogonality Check, Dot product)
⌊ Points (Cartesian to polar coordinates, polar to Cartesian coordinates, Midpoint, Barycenter of 2 points,Barycenter of 3 points, 3 points alignment check)
⌊ Equations of a line (Cartesian, parametric)
⌊ Equations of a plane (Cartesian, parametric)
⌊ Distances (Between two points, From a point to a line,From a point to a plane)
⌊ Triangle calculations knowing the coordinates of vertices (Length of sides, Length of medians, Length of heights, Cartesian equation of sides, Cartesian equation of medians, Cartesian equation of heights )

Disclaimer :
Although the greatest possible care has been taken to design a useful tool that will help you every day, the absence of any error or inaccuracy cannot be guaranteed. The author therefore cannot be held responsible for any consequences arising from the use of data delivered by this tool.
Geometryco Lite 1.2 Update
2016-02-10 Version History
- Many locked features are now available for free :-)
- Elementary geometry (Triangle heights calculator)
- Analytic geometry (Barycenter of 3 points, 3 points alignment check, distance from a point to a plane, Heights length and Heights cartesian equation calculator knowing vertices )
- Formulas (Trigonometry)

- Optimization and stability improvement

Hoping this new version will be more useful for you !
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41.8 MB
Update Date:
Aboukhalil BOUNIETE
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