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GIFs for Texting Description
Welcome to the world of GIFs.
GIFs Free now includes great new features:
Unique GIFs.
Safely type messages to your friends while on the move.
Provides a great introduction into the world of sending fun messages.
Get these great new features and impress your friends. Remember to tell your friends about this application, they will love it too!!

Super Funny Little White Bear
Lovely Little Girl
Lovely Pig
Funny Uncle
Funny Mr Peanut
The Lovely Frog
Interesting Egg Boy
The Orange Boy
Rio 2 Funny Animal
Naughty Monkey
Cute Chubby Panda
Funny Knight-Errant
Lovely Gourd Boy
The Qing Dynasty of China People
Funny Little Green Demon
Pretty Little Maid
Lovely Rabbit Boy
Funny Goat Emoji-Flat Design
Cute Little Monsters
Funny Eggs Baby
Cute Cartoon Rabbit
Fat Rabbit Life Record
The Lovely Sun Wukong Emoji
The Little Girl Adventures
Glasses Panda
Cute Cartoon Cat Emoji
Interestingly Cartoon Tooth
Naughty Cartoon Pig
Lovely Caterpillar
Funny Big Ear Mouse
Super Cute Super Charming Cartoon Modelling
Sunny Doll
Cat Person
Cute Cartoon Flying Pig
Happy World Cup Funny World Flag
Funny Dairy
Stone People
Lovely Funny Christmas Snowman
Pink Lovely Kitten
Tangyuan Smiley Face
3D Modelling Is Lovely Child
Beautiful Young Girls
Cute Chubby Bear
A Will Tell Jokes Rabbit
Cute Little Pig
Hatsune Miku
Adorkable Cat
Lovely Brother Brin
The Cat Baby
Weird Expression
Act Cute Cat and Dog
Lovely High School Girl
Funny Zombies Bear Doll
Funny Chinese Otaku
Happy Boy
Pixel Lovely Rabbit
Super Cute Hippo
This Is a Lucky Tiger
Funny Dog
Lovely Cow Emoticons For Twitter
Lovely Beans
Funny QQ Animated Emoticons
Funny Crazy Girl
The Excited Rice Ball Boy
Funny Oranges Superman
Match People
Cartoon Young Girl
Lovely Fat Boy
Funny Green Baby
Funny Emoji Keyboard
Adorkable Cartoon Rabbit
Funny Chubby Animal
Interesting Donkey Boys
Lovely Raccoon
Super Cute Mickey Mouse
Funny Cartoon Hedgehog
Lovely Cat Miss
Ice Cream Lovers
Cute Little White Cat
Funny Despicable Me
Peanut Baron
Funny Big Nostrils Boy
Interesting Chinese Monk
Lovely Clown Dog
Funny Anime
Funny One Piece Chopper
Lovely Dalmatians
Funny Blue Devil
Lovely Fox Head
Lovely Blush
Play Cute Funny Emoticons
Cool Black Cat
Funny Cattle
Funny Big Frog Big Horse
Happy Little Mouse
Cute Chick
Lovely Pink Fox
Lovely Rabbit Girl
Pretending Cute Black and White Cat
Super Cute Little Monsters
Lovely Baby Chicks
Cute Little Bear
Lovely Interesting Snail Brother
HD QQ Office Communicator Smiley Faces
An Idiot Life
Meow Star People Happy
Landlords and Peasants
Lovely Mushroom
Smiley Face
Lovely Super Rabbit Bees
Interesting Bear Family
Non-Mainstream Boy
Detective Conan
Funny Pet Baby
Leaves Pig
Lovely Fat Fawn
Loving Couple
The Lovely Monkeys
Play Innocent Super Ability Rabbit
The Elves Kingdom
Non-Mainstream Girl
Japanese Anime Girl
Cute Cartoon Rabbit Emoji
Super Cute Sheep
Lovely Lei Feng
Molang QQ
The Cute Little Rabbit
The Rabbit Girl Monkey Boy
Funny Chinese Men
Super Lovely Cat Girl
Lovely Snail Brother
Otaku Japanese
Superman Cat
Black Eye Wombat
Interesting Bomb People
Lovely Small Princess
Super Cute Salted Egg Superman
Being Cute Cat
Lovely Candy
Children Blush
Lovely Baby Bottles Boy
Funny Mr Box
Interesting Malphite
Lovely Fox
Lovely and Funny Sheep Baby
Alien Mika
Happy New Year Cat
Funny Bandage Rabbit
Play Cute Carton Girl
Lovely Bag Boy
Super Funny Brown Bear
Interesting Cartoon Cat
Lovely Tiger Boy
Cute Little Girl
Funny Chinese Children
Cute Girl
Funny Steamed Bread
Naughty Children
The Boy Scouts
Naive Little Girl
Funny Potato Crisps
Funny Sheldon Face (The Big Bang Theory)
The Sly Fox
Big Smile Face
Lovely Pet Bear
Mr Cat
Lovely Power Boy
Lewd and Lovely Cat
The Hilarious Banana
The Beetle Girl
Sheldon Lee Cooper
Lovely Sunflowers
Funny Eggs
Happy Aliens
Interesting Ghost
My Classmates
Lovely Rabbit
Funny Green Rabbit
Happy Dog
The Yellow Duckling
Funny Crocodile
Funny Bombs Deviantart
Crazy Boy and Girl
Lovely Pangolin
GIFs for Texting 1.6.2 Update
2019-12-15 Version History
[+] Bug Fixes
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25.1 MB
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JianWen Liang
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