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Glory of the Gods: Light

Glory of the Gods: Light

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Glory of the Gods: Light Description
mperor Ou's arrival, calling 108 epic gods - high probability of picking up cards, open and transparent, more five-star epic heroes, login and send!

Variety tactics, random matching of various formations - hero matching, attribute selection, formational arrangement of various hidden mysteries, variety of patterns, wisdom and determination of thousands of miles!

Liver-protecting escort, sleep and hang up, and God comes down - sleep at night, wake up and gather up! That's how simple it is to double the battle effectiveness!

Cross-dress competition, tens of thousands of people with super interaction - tens of thousands of people cross-dress PK, passionate fight, rekindle the time of blood!

Sleep, hang up, get up and upgrade the high-income card game "Glory of the Gods: Light" officially launched, login more amazing heroes, God costumes and other excellent awards! No liver, no krypton, easy to play!
Glory of the Gods: Light 1.0.8 Update
2019-05-17 Version History
1. One-click Sale Function of Additional Equipment

2. Adjusting part of internal purchase gear

3. Adding Heroes - "Finnier"
Heroic Orientation: After the Wind Attracts Man and Crashes Violently
Wolf Spirit Awakening: Ignore any control state, awaken the power of the giant wolf ancestors in the body, remove all negative effects of their own, enhance their own critical strike rate of 30% and injury-free 25%, and immune control, for two rounds. Release in the first round, cooling for 4 rounds.
Wolf Talent: Attack increased by 40%, Life increased by 20%, Critical Strike rate increased by 15%.
Storm Sword Dance: Release all anger, increase their hit rate by 30%, and then chop the enemy in front, each time causing 150% physical damage, the lowest three chops, every three layers of body [anger] plus one chop, up to five chops, the last additional chop will cause the same coefficient of splash damage to up to two targets near the target. Release in the second round, cooling for 4 rounds.
Wrath of Wolf God: Each time attacked, it gains 1 layer of rage Buff, each layer of rage increases its own attack by 3%, and stacks up to 10 layers.
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246.5 MB
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Ziqiao Yan
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