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GoDots Multiplayer

GoDots Multiplayer

Nikita Mordasov

1.0.2 for iPhone, iPad

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GoDots Multiplayer Description
* Experience brand new strategy board game based on ancient game Go and well known Dots, revolutionary MULTIPLAYER for up to 20 players! Play with real live opponents wirelessly at close range, through internet or just on one device.
* Team building challenge for colleagues, family and friends.
* Strategy based on advantages of Group and Liberty.
* Variety of game rule modifiers creates different game goals and alters gameplay keeps places of captured stones unavailable, creates additional boundaries and significantly change possible strategy or requires to capture particular count of stones or expand your presence on the grid to particular level.
* TUTORIAL is highly recommended prior to gameplay (in-game menu option).
* “WIRELESS PLAY” is an option to play between up to 20 iOS devices by Bluetooth only (without any WiFi or Cellular), designed to play locally in a most convenient way.

* Recommended "All Inclusive" in-App Purchase.

Looking forward to know about adjustments and improvements you may like to see.

For better understanding of the game, read Wikipedia's overview of "Go Game”, quote:

“… Go is an adversarial game with the objective of surrounding more territory than one's opponent. As the game progresses, the board gets divided up into areas of territory, as outlined by groups of stones. These areas are then contested in local battles, which are often complicated, and may result in the expansion, reduction, or wholesale capture and loss of the contested area. It is often the case that a certain kind of "trade" goes on, where a player's loss in one part of the board can be compensated for or mitigated by a gain in another part of the board.
… The general strategy of Go is to expand one's territory where possible, attack the opponent's weak groups (groups that can possibly be killed), and always stay mindful of the "life status" of one's own groups. The liberties of groups are countable. Situations where two opposing groups must capture the other to live are called capturing races ('semeai'). In a capturing race, the group with more liberties (and/or better "shape") will ultimately be able to capture the opponent's stones. Capturing races and questions of life and death are examples of what makes Go challenging.
… The game ends when both players pass, and players pass when there are no more profitable moves to be made. The game is then scored: The player with the greater number of controlled (surrounded) points, factoring in the number of captured stones and komi, wins the game. Games may also be won by resignation, for example if a player has lost a large group of stones…”

In-App Purchases:
Default free version has limitations for available rules to play, grid sizes and resume function.

Best group bargain: first players purchase all required options, other players can join without any purchases or with “+Resume” for multiple game sessions.

* “All-Inclusive” - similar to full app purchase, which unlocks all available features, removes purchase button, future great features will be available without additional in-app purchase required.
“+Sizes” - unlocks all available grid sizes.
“+Rules” - unlocks all available rule modifiers.
“+Resume” - unlocks unlimited Resume function.

Disclaimer: App improvement depends on app downloads and mostly on in-app purchases volume and exclusively author’s discretion. Author will try his best, but do not guarantee requests fulfillment. Quite unlikely to happen, but in case of removal of in-app purchase dependent feature from the future app version, processed in-app purchases will not be refunded. “Wireless Play” feature is experimental and author do not guarantee proper functionality in all possible cases. Game rules and features are subjects to change without prior notice.
GoDots Multiplayer 1.0.2 Update
2015-10-15 Version History
* This is the update of "Gotz" which now has NEW NAME: "GoDots"
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7.0 MB
Update Date:
Nikita Mordasov
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